Expand Your Creativity with a Free Holiday Creators Pack

Expand Your Creativity with a Free Holiday Creators Pack


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With the constant rise in online video content, creators continue to look for new tools that will help them make videos that stand out in to attract more followers and create a larger audience. Some of the tools for achieving that include using original royalty-free music, quality sound effects and stunning stock footage, which Artlist and Artgrid users have been doing in increasing numbers over the years.

Since its foundation in 2015, Artlist’s mission has been to provide creators a complete filmmaking solution and give them the creative freedom to create the best videos they can as efficiently as possible. The launch of the stock footage platform, Artgrid in Spring 2019 and the release of Artlist’s sound effects catalog at the beginning of 2020 were steps towards achieving that goal.

Get unlimited royalty-free sound effects

With that in mind and with the Holiday season upon us (and 2020 coming to its merciful end), Artlist is giving subscribers a free Creators Pack that includes film grains, film mattes, split screens, lens flares, burns, glitch and VHS effects, dust overlays, LUTs and SFX. Hopefully, you can use these assets to expand your creativity and develop your filmmaking skills.

How to Get Your Creators Pack

To receive your Creators Pack, all you have to do is subscribe to one of the Artlist plans or Artgrid plans between November 5th and December 26th. Then, click on the Holiday Creators pack slider displayed on your account homepage, and it will automatically download a zip file with the Creators Pack to your computer.

If you’re already an Artlist or Artgrid subscriber, just sign in to your account and click on the Creators Pack slider.

Get Inspired

To get inspiration for the ways you can use some of these assets in your videos, take a look at a few examples below.

With film grains, burns and mattes, you can give your video a vintage film look, like in this clip taken from the Artgrid story ‘Cool People‘ by MXR Productions:


A VHS effect is used for creating a vintage VHS look, like in this clip from the Artgrid story Young Couple by a Pond by Josh Etheridge Films:

The glitch effect, on the other hand, gives a more digital, futuristic feel to your footage. See it in action in this clip taken from the Artgrid story Hong Kong Cityscape View by Timelab Pro:

The split-screen is an overlay that lets you place different clips next to each other and give your video a more engaging style.

We wish you a happy and creative holiday season and hope you use your Creators Pack to create awesome-looking videos.

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