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As Black History Month comes to a close, we’re shining a light on some Black creators and artists who we love following. From filmmakers to musicians, influencers to artists, you’ll be sure to be inspired by the content they’re creating.

Brittney Janae

Brittney Janae is an incredible talent and one to watch! As a documentary filmmaker, she prides herself on telling unique and compelling stories with a focus on portraying the uniqueness of the BIPOC experience.

Brittney has extensive experience creating brand stories for industry heavyweights like Adidas, Dell, Sony Pictures, and Adobe. However, her passion lies within documentary filmmaking; in 2022, Brittney filmed the Behind the Scenes documentaries for ‘The Woman King’. 

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If you’re a filmmaker looking for unique and inspired ideas, you need to check out Joshua’s work at Cinedailies. While the channel has only been around for a year, there is an impressive collection of videos, including reviews for lenses, camera comparison, and even an incredible tutorial for building your own rig.

Joshua is passionate and well-informed about his niche and it comes across through his confidence and relaxed presentation. You can also find interviews with other filmmakers on his channel, including Brittney Janae.

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Caleb & Benjamin at Filmanatix

Caleb Akers and Benjamin Mason are the brains behind Filmanatix, a Charleston-based boutique film production company. The duo focuses on storytelling and engagement when working with their many commercial clients, including Coca-Cola, iOttie, and Peoples Bank.

If that wasn’t enough, Filmanatix also produces creative short films, such as ‘When the Wind Blows’, which saw Benjamin win Best Director for an Indie Short in the 2022 Cannes World film festival.

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Scootie Wop

Scootie Wop is a musical artist and content creator, producing videos across Instagram and YouTube. The rapper/producer’s channel is filled with music videos and tracks with a mellow Hip Hop sound and smooth vocals. 

Scootiewop also produces songs for Artlist, so you can easily license his music for use in your video projects and podcasts.

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Omar Salah

Omar Salah is a California-based photographer with a growing Instagram fan base following his story through posts and reels. Born and raised in Minnesota, Omar followed his dreams to LA, where he quickly established himself as a creative talent with an eye for composition.

Omar’s photography focuses on people, with an incredible collection of posed and natural images. However, it’s Omar’s attention to light and color in his shots that makes him stand out from the crowd. 

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Victor Tyler

Victor Tyler is a Tennessee-based filmmaker and photographer with a stunning portfolio of creative and commercial work. Victor’s YouTube channel is filled with short films, music videos, and reels, all with one thing in common; the Cinematography is incredible.

Victor has excellent attention to detail when composing his shots, working with light and shadows to create depth and emotion. He also understands color theory extensively, telling a story through gorgeous, saturated visuals. 

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Jaimmy Koroma

Jaimmy Koroma is a blogger and micro-influencer with an engaged Instagram following of nearly 90k. While working as a Senior Art Director at Target, Jaimmy still finds time to update her fans on her journey of self-love. 

Covering everything from diet and fitness to travel and fashion, Jaimmy has a talent for all areas of creative communications. Whether using the written word, photography, video, or design, Jaimmy’s warm and energetic personality shines through her content. 

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Thaddeus Coates

Based in Brooklyn, Thaddeus Coates is an award-winning artist with a focus on amplifying Black Voices through diverse representation. His stunning compositions and bold use of color create designs that celebrate and inspire while drawing attention to important causes and topics.

Thaddeus is the genius behind many designs you may recognize, including the box for the first-ever Pop Tarts Pride Month edition.

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Emonee LaRussa

If you’re looking for unique and stylish animation techniques, look no further than Emonee LaRussa’s YouTube channel. Filled with tutorials from simple cloud animations to creating your own hand-drawn transitions, this is one YouTube channel that every animator should subscribe to. 

Emonee’s style and flair are evident through her bold use of color, hand-drawn cartoon style, and dynamic fluid motion. It’s worth noting that some of these tutorials are better suited to advanced After Effects and Cinema 4D users.

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We’re sure that you can get inspiration for your own projects by following these talented artists who are pushing creative boundaries on a regular basis. So, what are you waiting for? Hit that follow button today.

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