Launching the Artlist Women Creator Fund

Artlist Women Creator Fund


The Artlist Women’s Day Creator Fund consists of grants totaling more than $15K in cash and filmmaking gear and mentorship from Cache Bunny, Premiere Gal and Karen X. Chang
To participate, send us a short video with your idea for a film with the theme of ‘voice’
Women creators from all over the world — this is your moment! Send us your applications until March 22,
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With International Women’s Day approaching, we at Artlist have been looking for ways to celebrate female creators. Having gone through all the usual ideas, like interviewing a female filmmaker, YouTuber, musician, etc., we felt something was missing.

We wanted to do more than just write thoughtful and empowering words, something practical that will produce actual results and empowerment.

So we decided to launch a special fund for women creators.

What is the Artlist Women Creator Fund

Artlist’s mission has always been to empower all types of creators worldwide. So this is a way to give back to the community and help support aspiring women creators.

To establish the Women Creator fund and help women creators bring their creative vision to life, we partnered with some of our favorite brands and creators.

women's day banner

So we made grants available to 3 creators totaling more than $15,000 in cash and filmmaking gear from Nanlite and Zhiyun and mentorship sessions leading women creators Karen X. Chang, Cache Bunny and Premiere Gal.

What do the Women Creator Fund grants include?

All 3 grant winners will receive $1,000 in cash to bring their vision to life in addition to the following filmmaking gear:

Pro lighting kit from Nanlite:

nanlite prizes for the Women Creators Fund

  • Nanlite PavoTube II 15X 2 Light Kit
  • Nanlite Forza 60B
  • Nanlite Forza Softbox with FM Mount

Pro gimbal set from Zhiyun:

zhiyun prizes for artlist women creator fund

  • Zhiyun Crane 2S Pro
  • Zhiyun Smooth-5 Smartphone Gimbal Combo Kit

License for FXhome software

fxhome prizes

  • HitFilm
  • Imerge Pro

1-year Artlist Music & SFX Unlimited subscription

1-year Artgrid Pro subscription

1-year Motion Array subscription

Artlist merch kits


Meet our mentors:

The Cache Bunny Grant Sponsored by Zhiyun

Los Angeles-based video director and visual effects artist.

cache bunny

Boasting work with Microsoft, Adobe, Virgin, MTV, and more, Cache Bunny uses a wide range of shooting techniques and digital effects to create fun and dreamy surrealist-inspired vignettes.

The Premiere Gal Grant Sponsored by Nanlite

Founder, host and creative director of Gal Media Creative LLC.

premiere gal

With over 370K subscribers on YouTube, Premiere Gal’s video, photo and audio tutorials rack up views in the thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions.

The Karen X. Cheng Grant

karen x chang

An award-winning viral video director with more than 1 million Instagram followers. She’s run campaigns for Apple, Instagram, Beats by Dre, Snapchat and many more.

How to win an Artlist Women Creator Fund grant

The fund is available to all women creators aged 18 or more. You don’t have to have a subscription Artlist, Artgrid or Motion Array or be an FXhome user to be eligible for the grant.

woman day banner

To get a chance to win one of the grants, you need to send us a video of yourself telling us about your idea for a short video around the theme of voice.

Your application must include:

  • A short video (2 min. max) explaining your idea and creative references This can be a simple ‘talking head’ video outlining your concept.
  • A document detailing shooting techniques and an outline of the final video and/or a visual reference.
  • A short document introducing yourself and any (relevant) previous work.
  • Pick which mentor you would like to work with and explain why

Women creators from all over the world — this is your moment!

You can submit your applications until Tuesday, March 22 at 23:59 PDT (04:59 CET, 20:59 PDT)

Winners will be announced on April 8, 2022.

Get unlimited royalty-free sound effects

The winners

The 3 grant winners will be picked by a panel of judges from the Artlist Creative Team based on their application’s creativity, originality, and quality.

Once picked, the winners will use their money, gear and mentorship to bring their idea to life. The final product should be a short video, up to 7 minutes in length, which should be ready around July 2022.

As for the style of your video, there are no technical limitations except that it must include original footage captured by you, music by Artlist, SFX by you or Artlist and footage by Artgrid. Also, you can use any visual element (3d, VFX, etc.) as long as you have the license to do so.

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