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Welcome to Artlist Creators May edition  – every month, we create a round-up of our favorite content shared by creators using Artlist assets. May’s entries certainly did not disappoint, from an ode to sound design, epic laser battles, and tips for finding the perfect dynamic track for your next video — we loved seeing your creations. Check out the May Creators of the month and get some inspiration for your next video.

For your chance to be featured in our June blog post — simply upload your projects to social media and tag #ALCreators. We love seeing what you create with royalty-free music, footage, SFX, and more.

May #ALCreators

Lumetry Video

Are you ready to take your videos to a whole new level? Professional sound design and high-quality sound effects can help you do just that. French video creator Damien, a.k.a @lumetryvideo, knows just how important sound quality is when creating professional videos. His entry for #ALCreators is an ode to sound design. See how he creates on his channel and get your own high-quality sound effects from Artlist. 


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MacFarlane Bros 

We couldn’t let the month of May pass by without a suitable celebration for all the Star Wars fans out there. We collaborated with the Macfarlane bros to create some awesome May the 4th content. They even broke down how they planned their journey to a galaxy far, far away with a behind-the-scenes edit. Join the force and try creating your own today. 


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Film with Ryan 

This month, @filmwithryan transported us to the holiday destination of our dreams. Things are certainly heating up as he showed us a behind-the-scenes cut of how he created his last POV Maldives edit. Watch his video for some summer travel inspiration and learn how to create your own swoon-worthy holiday series. 


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Get unlimited high-quality music for your videos


When art meets collaboration, what happens? ….Magic! Check out Dougnotguilty’s epic collaboration with Artlist. He even created a behind-the-scenes edit to show you all the music and SFX he used in his maxed-out edit. Watch both versions to get inspired and take your creativity to new heights.


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Ready to reimagine music in your next video. Artlist creator @cakemaster doesn’t think music should fade into the background or accompany your visuals. He believes it’s there to set the mood, tone, and feel of your edit. Watch how he finds the perfect track and get a few tips and tricks to find dynamic music for your next video.


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Calling all creators. @Keanuvisuals is hosting a competition you won’t want to miss. His 200K editing contest is live on his channel. This is your golden opportunity to showcase your editing skills, work with top-tier footage, and win an epic prize from Artlist.


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