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Regardless of the genre, one thing unites all creators is needing a really good music track for your project. The best royalty-free songs can inspire, engage, motivate, and move your audience. So before summer is well underway, let’s take a moment to look back at all the tunes that you were loving in May.

1. Premiere 

Adrián Berenguer is a talented Spanish musician and composer who began studying music at just 10 years old. Specializing in Saxophone, Adrián worked with many touring bands before setting up the music production studio LaTacha Estudio in 2016.

Premiere is a cinematic, hope-tinged track with dynamic rises and falls, filled with strings and piano sounds. The modern classical style is ideal for aspirational content, where you want to inspire and move your audience.

Download Premiere

2. Galaxy Groove

It’s easy to see why Galaxy Groove is one of our top royalty-free songs for May, with its upbeat summer sound and groovy dance beats. Galaxy Groove is ideal for your ‘summer is here’ videos, preparing viewers for travel videos, events, and festivals.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Yarin Primak is an electronic music producer specializing in fun beats and groovy sounds. Yarin has a vast collection of tracks on Artlist, each with his unmistakable summer sound.

Download Galaxy Groove

3. Breaking Sweat

You don’t need to sweat over your next soundtrack choice. This song by BalloonPlanet will give your next food, lifestyle, urban, or fashion video an uplifting and carefree vibe. BalloonPlanet creates clean, distraction-free, and versatile music to accompany life’s everyday moments.

Based in Prague, BalloonPlanet is a Hungarian-Slovak duo that creates clean, modern, and versatile music. With over 40 tracks, BalloonPlanet offers fun and vibrant songs with a funky summer vibe.

Download Breaking Sweat 

4. Step into Success

This hopeful and exciting track may just give you the pep in the step you need to achieve your goals. Step into Success was created by Australian composer Zac Nelson. Zac’s thoughtful style earned him awards for his global film and broadcast scores. Add the song to your next business, food, education, or travel video. 

Download Step into Success 

5. One Right Decision 

Adding this track to your next video project could just be the best decision you make. It’s powerful yet carefree, serious and groovy, but best of all, it’s exciting. The eclectic guitar, acoustic drums, and backing vocals will take your next video project to another level.  One Right Decision is the perfect example of RocknStock’s classic guitar-fuelled sound. With electric guitars and heavy percussion, this track will get your viewers fired up and moving.

Download One Right Decision 

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6. I Just Wanna Have Fun 

This track is featured on Flint’s Album, Groove Intoxication, and it’s a passionate outcry for fun. The exciting and carefree electronic pop track is perfect for lifestyle, urban, technology, and commercial videos. Mixing hip-hop, funk, and electronic sounds, Ofri Flint has created a unique style and inspired his own genre. As a guitarist and music producer, he plays with hard beats, crisp textures, and stunning melodies to create high-energy songs.

Download I Just Wanna Have Fun 

7. Horizons 

Horizons are one of Wonderland’s most popular tracks on Artlist — they’re an indie-pop trio based in Nashville, Tennessee. Horizons is true to Wonderland’s signature style and incorporate a fusion of loops and innovative beats with eclectic and acoustic guitars, synths, strings, and banjos. 

Download Horizons 

8. Taste of Freedom

Steven Beddall is an award-winning musician whose music has been used by filmmakers and internationally recognized brands. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Steven fuses pop melodies and hip-hop to produce summery feeling tracks,

This soul RnB track by Steven Beddal incorporates elements of Synth, Brass, and captivating vocals to truly give the listener a taste of freedom. It’s the kind of track you can imagine adding to your next road trip, lifestyle, or travel video. Try it and give your project an uplifting, carefree, and groovy vibe. 

Download Taste of Freedom

9. Into the fire 

Things will really be starting to heat up with this powerful, exciting, and fiery track. The steady beat of acoustic drums and the electric guitar create a suspenseful and engaging rhythm that will leave our audience wanting more. Try it in your next sport, fitness, slow-motion, or nail-biting film.

Download Into the Fire 


There’s something about this track that will make you want to get up and have a little dance. It’s groovy, playful, and carefree. The track is featured on Out of Flux’s album Sabounce. The whole album has an intoxicating eclectic feel, mixing Balkan, electronic, pop, and funk elements with Saxophone as the centerpiece. 



You can find these tracks and so many more, along with royalty-free footage, sound effects, and templates, on Artlist. We can’t wait to see what you create next. 

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