Wedding Photo Shoot

By Ami Bornstein
mid body view of newly married couple standing at stone wall
bride gazes adoringly at new husband while sitting on his lap
laughing contagiously the new husband and wife pose for pictures
photographer takes shot of new husband kissing wifes shoulder gently
couple pose for picture after their wedding
new husband and wife kiss while posing for pictures after wedding
wedding bouquet laid on bench while newly married couple sit
happy newly weds stand at large ancient stone wall
newly married couple hold each other by large stone wall
blurred view of newly married couple outside stone church
new wife holds her husband around the waist and leans happily against him
couple sit in old stone stadium to pose for photos in wedding clothes
husband helps his new wife down the stone steps of an ancient stadium
hand in hand new husband and wife walk through old heritage site
women holds new husband and moves with a ceremonial sexiness against him