The Mind of a Pianist

By Josh Etheridge Films
rock lamp on windowsill in bedroom at night
dried up branches on windowsill in the evening
white windowpane in the evening
made up bed during the evening with rock lamp on windowsill
unmade bed in bedroom with rock lamp on windowsill
kettle boiling on hot stove top in the evening
Woman walks into kitchen and fills steel kettle with water and places on stove
person taps metal kettle full with water in dim kitchen
Woman with short hair busy in dim kitchen
woman with short hair walks out kitchen door and looks up vignette
Woman standing at door looking outside holding a cup of coffee vignette
woman standing and holding coffee mug looking out window
woman with short hair stands in bathroom looking into mirror vignette
woman with tattoo on arm leans on white basin vignette
woman with short hair looking at herself in the bathroom mirror vignette