The Blacksmith

By Omri Ohana
A blacksmith works with a hot metal rod in a large machine
Worker withdraws a hot metal rod from a blacksmith machine
Blacksmith rotates a hot metal rod in a blacksmith hammer machine
Blacksmith hammer machine hammers a hot metal rod
Hot metal rod is hammered by a blacksmith machine
Blacksmith hammer machine hammering a hot metal rod
Hot metal rod is inserted into a furnace
A Hammer rests on an anvil
Blacksmith hammering tool hammers a hot metal rod
Blacksmith examines his work next to hammer machine
Blacksmith with glasses looking at his work on hammer machine
Blacksmith walks over to hammering machine holding hot metal rod
Blacksmith observes his work at hammering machine
Blacksmith hammering manually at a blacksmith hammering machine
Blacksmith manually hammers metal beneath hammering machine