Seoul by Night

By Finn Moeller
buildings rooftops and traffic in city streets from behind a window
collection of colorful padlocks locked to railings outdoors
trees blowing in a breeze near buildings in a city at sunset
neon lights and signs in downtown city of Seoul at night
Chinese lanterns moving in a breeze near neon lighting at night
colorful lights shining over two people standing next to a river at night
water feature cascading over colorful lights outdoors at night
light shining on an oriental stone dragon sculpture near buildings at night
pedestrians and traffic moving near King Sejong monument in Seoul at night
crowd of people holding flags of Seoul on steps near a town building at night
light reflecting off the King Sejong monument in Seoul at night
building lights shining on the Gyeonbokgung palace in Seoul at night
Haetae oriental sculpture next to the Gyeonbokgung palace in Soul at night
building lighting on an oriental palace roof top in Seoul at night
rooftop lighting shining on a palace building in Seoul at dusk