Live show

By Danil Rudenko
Audience applauding during live show
Audience member in crowd records live performance with small camera
Person in a crowd holds finger up to cheer while recording performance with camera
Person records live show with a small camera while audience applauds
Audience waves arms back and forth and applauds during live show
Person in audience recording a live event and light show with a camera
Person in audience recording stage during live event and light show
Person in audience holds a camera that records a live show
Audience members clapping hands and recording a live show with a camera
Audience clapping and lifting arms toward live performer on stage
Woman in audience puts on headphones during live show while looking at the stage
Audience members reaching hands into the air looking towards the stage
Audience members clapping hands during live concert
Crowded audience members dance and wave during live show
Audience member in crowded theater clapping hands in the air