Functional Fitness

By Vinnie Van Wyk
man whips ropes up and down in a gym for upper body fitness
man exercises by whipping large ropes up and down in a gym
man in gym uses ropes to exercise strenuously
muscled man exercises in gym
man does push ups with metal gym ball
man puts powder on his hands in the gym for firm grip
man squats and jumps with a weight ball in the gym
fit man leans forward breathing heavily while doing exercises in the gym
man swings weight ball strenuously while exercising
man works out in a gym with a kettleball
bearded man lifts heavy weight ball above his head then leans forward to rest
man swings weight ball through his legs while bending knees
muscled fit man swings weight ball strongly between his legs in the gym
strong fit man holds kettleball up with one had sweating in a gym
man lifts weight ball in the gym