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Based in Argentina, The Foley Bros are made up of co-founders Sebastian Sonzogni and Rafael Mill?n, as well as Foley recordist Valentina Pasetti. Since joining forces, they have been providing Foley services to global films and TV series, collaborating with local sound designers.

Co-founder and senior Foley artist Sebastian Sonzogni first entered the scene in 1998, traveling and working on a number of movie sets around the world. He eventually became the first Argentinian Foley supplier to the Asian filmmaking industry.

Co-founder and Foley supervisor Rafael Mill?n started his journey in sound at a young age, driven by a passion for music and instruments. After his studies, he focused on sound design and composing original music for indie films. With a desire to continue learning, he moved to Argentina to work with several pro sound masters, where he met and joined forces with Sebastian to form The Foley Bros.

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