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Articulated Sounds


SFX Packs

Prime Magic album cover

Prime Magic

Casting Spells

Occult Master album cover

Occult Master

Spell Casting, Magic Projectiles

Heavy Snaps & Flaps album cover

Heavy Snaps & Flaps

Low Thuds, Transitions

Living album cover


Farm Animals, Pets, Birds

The Lungs Vol 1 album cover

The Lungs Vol 1

Female Breath, Yawn, Smell

Worldwide Vol 1 album cover

Worldwide Vol 1

Soundscapes from Planet Earth

Universal Emotes Male album cover

Universal Emotes Male

Adults & Child Male Reactions

Cloudy With a Chance album cover

Cloudy With a Chance

Wind & Rain

Just Fans album cover

Just Fans

Fans, Vents, Air Conditioners

Worldwide Vol 2 album cover

Worldwide Vol 2

Soundscapes from Planet Earth

Household EMF album cover

Household EMF

Electric Hum & Glitches

Universal Emotes Female album cover

Universal Emotes Female

Slamming Horror album cover

Slamming Horror

Spooky Impacts & Transitions

Blasting Flyby  album cover

Blasting Flyby

Cinematic Sci-Fi Fly Bys

Tropical Ambiences album cover

Tropical Ambiences

Rainforests, Mangroves, Ponds

Smooth Sailing album cover

Smooth Sailing

Sailboats & Motorboats

Public America album cover

Public America

Crowded Places of America

Double Bass album cover

Double Bass

Tones, Scary Textures, Melodic Motifs

The Lungs Vol 2 album cover

The Lungs Vol 2

Male Breath, Smell, Yawn

Thai Experiences album cover

Thai Experiences

Thailand Ambiences

Ecuador Ambiences album cover

Ecuador Ambiences

Amazon Rainforest & Countryside

American Ambiences album cover

American Ambiences

US City Ambiences

Destructive Impacts album cover

Destructive Impacts

Impacts, Explosions, Blasts

Airy Transformation album cover

Airy Transformation

Soft Impacts & Whooshes

River Loops album cover

River Loops

Water Flowing & Streaming

The Gambler album cover

The Gambler

Cubes & Dice

Aquatic album cover


Liquid Bubbles, River Ambience

Constructing album cover


Building Site Ambiences

The Yeti album cover

The Yeti

Monster Grunts, Roars, Moans

Extinct album cover


Dinosaur Growls and Snarls

Phantoms album cover


Undead & Spirits Phenomena

Brutal album cover


Gruesome Blood, Flesh, Bones

Fountains album cover


Water Streams & Fountains

Rustle Tones album cover

Rustle Tones

Natural Material Friction

Hocus Pocus album cover

Hocus Pocus

Various Magic Spells

Undiscovered album cover


Savanna Grassland Ambiences

Worldwide Vol 3 album cover

Worldwide Vol 3

Soundscapes from Planet Earth

Yes Chef album cover

Yes Chef

Kitchen and Cooking

Historical Army album cover

Historical Army

Artillery, Guns, Crowds of Soldiers

Peal album cover


Various Ringing Bells


Founded in 2016 by cutting edge sound designers in Montreal, Canada, the philosophy behind Articulated Sounds studio is that sound design should be the result of long, intricate processes that derive from intimate and authentic relation with the sonic material. You can find their sounds in countless blockbuster movies, television shows, video games, and studios around the world like Disney, Nickelodeon and Respawn, use them daily.

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