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General Sceneries album cover

General Sceneries

Eclectic Ambiences

Qwerty album cover


Computer Mouse and Keyboards

Plastic Connection album cover

Plastic Connection

Plastic Objects

Trivial Foley Vol 1 album cover

Trivial Foley Vol 1

Specific Foley

Trivial Foley Vol 2 album cover

Trivial Foley Vol 2

Specific Foley

Trivial Foley Vol 3 album cover

Trivial Foley Vol 3

Specific Foley

Metal Connection album cover

Metal Connection

Metallic Objects

Kitchen Connection album cover

Kitchen Connection

Preparing Food

Well Equipped album cover

Well Equipped

Outdoor Tools

Witch's Cauldron album cover

Witch's Cauldron

Sinister Laughter, Spell, Bubbling Potion

UI Clicks album cover

UI Clicks

Designed Buttons & UI

The Battle album cover

The Battle

Medieval Weaponry

Seeds and Sticks album cover

Seeds and Sticks

Firewood & Twigs Foley

Outer Space album cover

Outer Space

Sci-Fi Engines & Fly Bys

Open Sesame album cover

Open Sesame

Medieval Doors and Machines

Metal Games album cover

Metal Games

Blacksmith Workshop

Meal Preparations album cover

Meal Preparations

Spices, Dishes, Kitchen

Ground Work album cover

Ground Work

Dirt, Sand, Rocks

Faraway Land album cover

Faraway Land

Medieval Town Ambience

Game Night album cover

Game Night

Board Games & Game Tiles

Young Reactions album cover

Young Reactions

Kids Talking, Laughing, Yelling

Wrestling Ring album cover

Wrestling Ring

Boxing & Wrestling

World Ambiences album cover

World Ambiences

Urban Public Places

Special Doors album cover

Special Doors

Knocking, Opening, Closing

Retro Fighting album cover

Retro Fighting

Arcade Punches & Kicks

Fighting album cover


Kicks, Punches, Body Falls

It's a Blast album cover

It's a Blast

Explosions, Debris, Crashes

Gun Point album cover

Gun Point

Rifles & Pistols

Apartment Foley album cover

Apartment Foley

Indoor Facilities

Vegetation album cover


Leaves, Twigs, Branches

Transports album cover


Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats, UFOs

The Elements album cover

The Elements

Water, Fire, Wind, Air

Swift album cover


Fast Whooshes & Transitions

Practical Materials album cover

Practical Materials

Glass Bottles, Balloons, Rubber Bands

Pivotal Weaponry album cover

Pivotal Weaponry

Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols

Paper Products album cover

Paper Products

Paper, Cardboard, Newspaper, Books

Leisure Games album cover

Leisure Games

Casino & Board Games

Intricate Mechanisms album cover

Intricate Mechanisms

Delicate Contraptions

Home Chef album cover

Home Chef

Cooking & Kitchen

Hard as Steel album cover

Hard as Steel

Metallic Gear

Global Ambiences album cover

Global Ambiences

Worldwide City Sounds

Home Foley album cover

Home Foley

Household Sounds

Focal album cover


Digital and Analog Cameras

Ex Machina album cover

Ex Machina

Industrial & Home Appliances

Cozy Ambiences album cover

Cozy Ambiences

Natural Soundscapes

Ceramic Ware album cover

Ceramic Ware

Pottery & Tableware, Breakage & Friction

Augmenting Elements album cover

Augmenting Elements

Impacts and Transitions

Door Foley album cover

Door Foley

Doors & Handles

Apparel album cover


Clothes, Bags, Fabrics Foley

Spooktacular album cover


Crazy Laughter, Zombies, Ghosts

Soccer album cover


Dribble & Kickoff

Metropolitan album cover


Urban Streets & Transportation

Gruesome album cover


Blood, Flesh, Gore

Group Reactions album cover

Group Reactions

Live Audience

Critical Point album cover

Critical Point

Trailer Production Elements

Country Landscapes album cover

Country Landscapes

Animals, Farm, Nature

Baby Love Vol 2 album cover

Baby Love Vol 2

Voices & Babbling

Baby Love Vol 1 album cover

Baby Love Vol 1

Voices & Babbling


Vadi Sound is a professional sound effects studio based in Istanbul. Founded in 2016 by sound designer and producer Enis Cakar and joined later by his partner, field recordist Asli Yalcin, the studio is passionate about audio for game, film, podcasts and the arts.

Enis Cakar started in the field of sound production at the age of 18. Growing up surrounded by nature, he began recording sounds from local forests and valleys, and mixing them into his music. He also plays the guitar and drums, performs in various music locations and collaborates with artists on installations, animation and film.

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