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Acoustic Transitions album cover

Acoustic Transitions

Musical Transitions and Logos

Alone In The Dark album cover

Alone In The Dark

Eerie Atmospheres

Classic Toons album cover

Classic Toons

Classic Cartoon Accents

Cute Interface album cover

Cute Interface

UI, Notifications, Alerts

Dark Transitions album cover

Dark Transitions

Impacts, Whooshes, Musical Logos

Filmmaking Props album cover

Filmmaking Props

Code Frequencies, Operating Camera

Heartwarming Transitions album cover

Heartwarming Transitions

Uplifting Melodic Elements

Interfacing album cover


Retro Gaming Elements

Island Game album cover

Island Game

Versatile Game Sounds

Melodic Transitions album cover

Melodic Transitions

Musical Logos, Themes, Phrases

RPG Game album cover

RPG Game

In Game Effects

Sinister Strikes album cover

Sinister Strikes

Gut Wrenching Impacts

Soft UI album cover

Soft UI

Digital Interface

Trailer Ready album cover

Trailer Ready

Cinematic Trailer Elements

Warfare Transitions album cover

Warfare Transitions

Dramatic & Powerful

Clear UI album cover

Clear UI

Digital Notifications & Beeps

Modern Trailer album cover

Modern Trailer

Dark Cinematic Elements

Modern UI album cover

Modern UI

Modern User Interface

Tiny Monster album cover

Tiny Monster

Babyish Monster Vocalizations

Paramount album cover


Musical Sequences

Toon World album cover

Toon World

Classic Cartoon Accents

Universal Logos album cover

Universal Logos

Cinematic Openers & News Bumpers

Cyber Logos album cover

Cyber Logos

Big Picture Transitions

Emotion Loops album cover

Emotion Loops

Tense Background Loops

Iron Efficiency album cover

Iron Efficiency

Metal Clinks & Clunks

JRPG Voices album cover

JRPG Voices

Anime Character Vocalizations

Timeless Logos album cover

Timeless Logos

Musical & Orchestral Logos

Witchcraft album cover


Spellcasting, Demons, Spirts

Big Screen Loops album cover

Big Screen Loops

Cinematic Musical Loops

Matching Game album cover

Matching Game

Mobile Video Games

Momentous Transitions Vol 1 album cover

Momentous Transitions Vol 1

Reverse, Risers, Whooshes

Momentous Transitions Vol 2 album cover

Momentous Transitions Vol 2

Fire Whooshes & Risers

SciTech Game Vol 1 album cover

SciTech Game Vol 1

Short UI Beeps

SciTech Game Vol 2 album cover

SciTech Game Vol 2

Futuristic Weapons & Machines

Comical Vol 1 album cover

Comical Vol 1

Quirky Cartoon Toys

Comical Vol 2 album cover

Comical Vol 2

Funny Cartoonish Toys

Funny Game album cover

Funny Game

Gaming Accents

Funny Game UI album cover

Funny Game UI

Gaming User Interface

Hyperspace album cover


Sci-Fi Whooshes, Doors, Atmospheres

Anime Man Vol 1 album cover

Anime Man Vol 1

Male Anime Character

Anime Man Vol 2 album cover

Anime Man Vol 2

Various Cartoon Vocals

Anime Woman Vol 1 album cover

Anime Woman Vol 1

Reactions & Speech

Anime Woman Vol 2 album cover

Anime Woman Vol 2

Reactions & Speech

Intense Transitions Vol 1 album cover

Intense Transitions Vol 1


Whoosh & Swoosh

Intense Transitions Vol 2 album cover

Intense Transitions Vol 2


Logos & Whooshes

Orchestral Logos Vol 1 album cover

Orchestral Logos Vol 1


Orchestral Music Segments

Orchestral Logos Vol 2 album cover

Orchestral Logos Vol 2


Epic Musical Logos


Ni Sounds is a team of industry veterans who are dedicated to providing high-quality sound design solutions for games, films, cartoons and television. With a wealth of experience, they create innovative sound effects deriving from intricate explorations into the sonic material.

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