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Joseph E-Shine (a.k.a Yossi Mizrahi) has established himself as one of the most important behind-the-scenes music figures in Israel, operating as the lead producer and principal guitars for award-winning, multi-million selling artist Ninet. Earning 5 gold records following years of production, writing and touring with many of Tel Aviv's top music acts, E-Shine relocated to Los Angeles in 2016 to begin working on his solo project, while simultaneously supporting the expanding career of Ninet.

In the US, E-Shine quickly established himself as a sought-after producer and music director with tracks like '99' and 'You and I' for Capitol Record's Barns Courtney and musical directing for Pentatonix's Kirstin Moldonado. In addition, as a Gretsch-endorsed guitarist, E-Shine has toured across the globe with multiple top-selling acts.

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