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Aija Alsina is a Latvian composer currently living and working in Riga. She found her love for the piano at the age of 6 and has since sung in choirs and played bass in several indie and post-rock bands. Today, she focuses on modern classical composition work for film, commercial and standalone releases. Music for Aija is an expressive language, a tool to tell a story, bringing about pleasurable melancholy, as she strives to help her listeners get in touch with the core of their emotions. For Aija, music was always a mental retreat from everyday routine, until in 2013 she moved to Barcelona, leaving behind both her day job in finance and her band mates. She reunited with her childhood instrument – the piano - and that's when she started focusing her creative power into original composition work. After completing an MSc in Composition for Film and Media in London, she returned to Riga.

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