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Artlist License


We believe that high quality music & SFX licensing doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we created this simple, transparent and straightforward license for all users.

Before we start, know that when we use the term “Assets” we mean music & sound effects downloaded from Artlist's website.
OK, Let’s jump in.

Effective May 6, 2021

1. We cover everything

But what does “everything” mean? Here’s what's covered:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Commercials
  • Broadcast
  • Websites
  • Weddings


In what formats/mediums?

  • Video clips
  • Advertisements
  • Presentations
  • Animations
  • Slides
  • Podcasts
  • Films
  • Series
  • Games (background only)
  • Apps (background only)


When you purchase a subscription to Artlist, you receive the right to download any Assets and integrate them into your projects and productions combining sound and visual media (we’ll call them “Projects”).

Okay, you downloaded the Assets and integrated them into your Projects. Now what?
You can use the Projects with Artlist Assets as you wish, everywhere!

If you’re hired to create the Project, your client is covered by your license and can use the Project anywhere. You and your clients can present and/or play the Project publicly, distribute it in all existing means of media, websites, platforms, social networks, video sharing sites, television, other data storage devices, you name it!

If you want to add the Assets to your app or website so your users can incorporate the Assets into their own Projects, or if you want to add the Asset into your audiobook, DVD, Blu-Ray or other software, you might be interested in an Enterprise License. If that’s the case, just reach out and we’ll set you up with one.

Artlist is made for people creating videos. Therefore, the Assets can’t be used as standalone (audio only) and/or without being part of a video. This means you can’t in any way use, record, perform, present, publicly perform, copy, distribute in any manner, transfer, share, sell or give license to the Assets as a standalone.

Trial Account Users

If you are a non-paying user with a trial account you can only download watermarked versions of the Assets for personal preview and you are forbidden to use them in any Projects or in any other way. Get your full subscription here!

2. The Assets you download are yours to use Forever

For now and for all future time. Eternally.

The point is that once you downloaded Assets under this License and integrated them into your Projects, you can use your Projects forever and ever, even after your subscription has expired.

You can download Assets as long as you have a paid subscription with Artlist. If you want to know more about the subscription terms, renewal and termination, take a look at our Terms of Use.

Once your License is expired you will not be able to download additional Assets and use them in new Projects.

3. Your clients are covered

You can create Projects for your clients, but only you can download the Assets and use them to create a Project.

If you create a Project incorporating an Asset, you can transfer this Project to your clients and to anyone else, so they can use the Project (but the License is only yours).

Keep in mind that if you collaborate with any third party in a Project or if you create a Project for your clients, you must make sure your collaborator and/or client complies with this License. Your collaborator and/or client must use the Projects in compliance with this License.

4. You can download as many Assets as you want

As long as you keep it reasonable, you can download as many Assets as you want during your subscription period and put them into as many Projects as you wish.

“Reasonable” means that you can download up to 40 songs and/or 100 SFX per day. We consider downloading Assets by any automatic means, such as software, bots, etc., is not reasonable, and therefore it is prohibited.

The Assets you choose will be available for download in your library as long as you have an active paid subscription.

5. You should only use the Assets as a part of your creations

Simple as it sounds, this means that, as a creator, you should only Incorporate the Assets into your Projects.

What doesn’t count as your creation?
Music streaming, music channels, radio, other ways of music or sound effects reproduction.

The creation of a static video, a video loop animation combined with music in the background or lyric video is also forbidden. Watch this video for a better understanding.

Basically, this License does not allow you to use, make available or present any Assets as a separate file. This means you can’t allow anyone to use the Assets as separate files for listening, downloading, publicly performing or any other use whatsoever.

This also means you can’t use the Assets to provide any services that compete with Artlist or with any of our artists. You also can’t resell them in any way, such as in music collections, music libraries, music playlists, royalty-free music or licensing, etc. This includes not giving the impression that any Assets were created by you.

You can’t use the Assets in any manner which is illegal, contrary to court orders and/or which was forbidden by the provisions of any law. Also, you can’t use the Assets in any manner which may damage Artlist, its artists, any third parties, or their rights or reputation.

The Assets cannot be used: (i) in the context of pornography; or (ii) to encourage violence abomination, racism, hate, threats and discrimination against any person based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, community or nationality, (iii) hurting the helpless; (iv) violating privacy; (v) slander and any other insulting or illegal contents.

Since we understand there might be gray areas in this regard, contact us to explain your project and our team will let you know if this is covered. We reserve to ourselves the right to decide in each case whether a certain use of an Asset is considered a violation of the above and you undertake to accept our decision in this matter. Don’t worry, we have great professional skills and common sense.

We make our best efforts in order to verify every Asset and make sure they’re great quality and are legally available. However, you know, things happen, and we might find out that a certain Asset might be violating third party’s rights. Although we have the right to tell you to stop using such Assets, we will do so only in some rare situations. If we do, you must stop using it immediately and do your best to make anyone on your behalf cease the use of such Assets.

Remember we told you that you are not the proprietary owner of the Assets? Well, this also means that you can’t register or claim ownership of the Assets or the Projects (or otherwise make it available) through any content detection and/or registration system, such as YouTube’s Content ID (CID), Facebook Rights Manager, etc.

6. Having a “License” means using, not owning

In other words, you’re purchasing the right to use the Assets. You’re not purchasing the Assets themselves.

The Assets remain protected by copyrights and intellectual property of Artlist or its artists.

Artlist is the owner or the rights holder of all the rights in the Assets and the Site, inclusive of all intellectual property rights and all copyrights. You do not and will not have any rights whatsoever to the Assets or in the Site, exclusive of the right of use as specified in this License. To know more about our rights in Artlist Proprietary Content and Site, check our Terms of Use.

This also means that you can’t use the names of the Assets nor of its creator(s) or their artistic
name(s), except for giving them credit for their brilliant Asset.

Now that you know what a license is, by using this License, you understand and agree to the rights, obligations, liabilities and prohibitions specified in this License, that you do not and will not have any ownership or intellectual property rights in the Assets or any recordings thereof, and that your rights to the Assets will not exceed the rights described in this License.

7. One license means one seat

The name you register for our services is the only person or entity who can use the Assets under this License, one seat at a time.

If you want to buy a License that can be used by your whole team with multiple seats, then purchase the relevant license.

If you want to make a subscription for a company, foundation or other legal entity you work for (not an individual), simply write the name of the entity when you sign up and the License will be in that entity’s name. Remember: This will give you just one seat to use the License, meaning that different people can’t use it at the same time, unless you have a special license with multiple seats.

8. The Assets are available for all Artlist creators

We believe in creative freedom. That’s why this License is not exclusive, meaning that any Asset you use can also be purchased and used by your fellow creators.

9. You have the rights for Public Performance & Broadcast

While our License gives you the right to perform the Projects in public, it does not cover payment of royalties to performance rights organizations (PRO).

If you or your client wants to use Projects in broadcast, the broadcaster shall make sure it has the relevant agreements in place to cover any such royalties.

10. Make sure to check out our Terms of Use

This License is subject to and is an integral part of Artlist’s Terms of Use, so we strongly recommend that you read them.

If you have more questions take a look at our Help Center or reach out to our Support team.

* This License Agreement applies to paid or trial users. If you intend to use or incorporate Artlist’s services in your product and make it available to your customers, please contact our Enterprise team.