Downloading on Artlist is quick and easy with a yearly subscription or free Trial account. Once you're signed in, click on the download icon, select your file type and your download will begin automatically.

Your download history is one of the pages that can be found in your Library. Select the Library option in the top-right corner of the page or select Library in the menu next to the Artlist logo.

If a song has been downloaded, you will find it in your Library and the download icon will remain yellow to indicate that the track is in your Download History. Additionally, near the download icon is a star. Select this option to add a song, album or artist to your favorites, which are also stored in your Library under Songs & Sounds.

You can download assets in 3 places: 1) Download directly from any page you're browsing by selecting the download icon & then the file type 2) Download from the full history of your account in your Library 3) Download from the confirmation email that's sent to you after downloading assets (This may take up to 10 hours to receive) If you still have trouble, please check that you're using the most updated version of your browser and that you have a strong Internet connection. Some users have found that their download speeds improve when they clear the cache or cookies on their browser You can contact us at any time and our Support team will help you get your downloads right away.

The download confirmation email will be sent to the address that's listed on your account several hours after you download them from the site. Please make sure that you're checking the right inbox. It’s also important to check your spam folder. If you still didn't receive an email, there’s no need to worry. You can visit your Library and download the music from your Download History on the site.

Artlist's entire catalog is available for download with an active yearly subscription. However, once your account reverts to Trial, you will no longer be able to download assets or licenses from the site.


We do! The Instrumental-only filter can be found in the filter options at the top of the track listing. This icon shows a microphone with a slash through it and is next to the Sort filter. When the filter is selected, the icon will turn yellow and the listing of tracks below will only feature instrumental songs. Select it again to turn the filter off.

Using AI, you can find similar songs or albums by visiting the Song Page or Album Page on the site. The easiest way to get there is by clicking on the song title or the album art of any track in the catalog. Once in this page, you will also be able to view the applied filters (Song Page) or full track listing (Album Page).

The newest songs on Artlist are marked with the “NEW” icon on the track line and can also be found by changing the sort filter from “Sort by Staff Picks” to “Sort by Newest”. When this is selected, the music will be listed with the most recently added songs and albums at the top.


Your individual song certificate can be found where the media is downloaded - in your email or in your Download History. Next to the song/SFX downloads, there are three buttons: L, MP3 and WAV. Select L to automatically download your individual song license .pdf.

Yes! We encourage our artists to send us the lyrics to their songs with Vocals and many of them do so. The lyrics can be found by hovering your mouse over the microphone icon on the track line or by visiting the Song Page. You can also search for songs by the lyrics using the search bar feature.

Artlist’s mobile site is designed to give you the best experience on your mobile device. You can play music, add to your favorites, create playlists and share links to the media.

Feedback from Artlist users is extremely important to us. Feel free to contact us (link) and let us know how we can make Artlist better for you.

Our Support Team is always available. Contact us immediately if you are having problems on the site and our team will work to resolve it as soon as possible.