Artlist fundamentals

Artlist’s Unlimited License is a synchronization license to use music and SFX from the Artlist catalog in your video projects. The license is unlimited because there are no limitations, so you can use the music in as many of your projects as you like, on any platform worldwide forever including commercial projects.

Artlist was made for content creators all over the world. With a catalog of high-quality music and Artlist’s Unlimited License, content creators can enjoy creative freedom without limits.

We started Artlist in early 2015 to change the way content creators find, use and are inspired by music for their projects. Over the years, we have evolved to offer creators a more complete tool for their filmmaking needs as well as SFX and also offer footage licensing with the same unlimited offer on Artgrid.


Artlist is available with 3 annual subscription plans: Music - $199 USD (Our most popular option) SFX - $149 USD (Our newest addition) Music + SFX - $299 USD (Best value)

Yes! You can open a free Trial account to download watermarked MP3 versions of any song in the catalog, create collections of music and share them with your collaborators. Trial downloads are not available for our SFX. Sign up here: Please note that the watermarked songs downloaded with a Trial account are for personal use only. When you’re ready to get our license for use, simply upgrade the account.

A full year! When you sign up for Artlist, you’ll have full access to the entire Artlist Catalog and a Universal Sync License to use the music or SFX in your videos on any platform worldwide, including branded and commercial projects. To make it even better, any song you download during your subscription is yours to use forever.

Artlist’s license is available with a yearly subscription. We do not offer a monthly license or single-song licenses outside of our subscription plans. You can license as many songs as you want with our yearly subscription,

Artlist's license is available for both personal and business accounts. To sign up as a business, simply use the business name when you create your account.

Employees may access the account for projects they create for the business. The music can't be used for their personal projects, as this use would require their personal license

At this time, we do not offer a license that will cover both the school and its students. If you subscribe to Artlist as a school, this will give license to projects created by and for the school, however, personal projects created by faculty and students will not be covered. Please be aware that the liability will be on the school to ensure there is no copyright violation.


When you download a song or SFX with a subscription, you’re licensed to use it in your videos forever. There is no expiration on Artlist’s Unlimited License.

The license for use of the songs downloaded is still valid if your subscription expires. The only exception to this rule is if the subscription is refunded. In this case, then the license for use will no longer be valid.

Yes! You can download up to 40 songs per day with a music license. Artlist’s SFX license covers you for up to 100 track downloads per day. These terms for reasonable use prevent any abuse or piracy of the catalog or license.

The daily download limit for Artlist music and SFX is based on the time zone GMT+3. Based on your location, this may be the difference of a few hours or more. Please check the table below for reference. Berlin - 23:00 London - 22:00 New York - 17:00 (5PM) Chicago - 16:00 (4PM) Los Angeles - 14:00 (2PM) Sydney - 7:00 Seoul - 6:00 New Delhi - 2:30

No, our company guarantees an added level of security without requiring you to take extra steps like whitelisting. Artlist's license will always cover you and your clients

Yes! If you’re hired to produce or edit a film for a client, your license covers them for their personal or commercial use of that specific film. The client can not use the music or SFX for a different project that’s separate from the video production you were hired for.

With every song download, you can also download an individual song license, (“Direct License”) which can be used as additional proof of license.

No. The license can not be transferred or sub-licensed with our standard agreement. Artlist’s license will only cover the use of music by the individual or business that’s listed on the subscription. If you’re looking for an Enterprise agreement, please contact us directly and tell us more about your project at [email protected]

Artlist’s license is valid worldwide, so you can use the music or sounds in your films anywhere on the planet.

With a subscription, you are allowed to use our music on any number of channels you may have. There are no restrictions based on the number of views, audience size or popularity.

No, Artlist’s license does not include indemnification. The songs and SFX available on the site are from talented artists around the world, all of whom have agreed to allow subscribers the rights to use their materials.

The site is designed for users 16 years of age and older. If you’re a minor, please get permission from a parent or guardian before using the site.


Yes! With a subscription to Artlist, you can use the music in your projects.

Yes! The music used in the stream will absolutely be covered. However, if you’re streaming a live event, playing the music at the event without video is not covered, as this would require a different license.

Yes! Music from the Artlist catalog can be played in a podcast as long as the music is incorporated with voiceover and the song is not played in its entirety.

The music and SFX are licensed for use in video production (sync) only, However, we also understand that our subscriber’s customers may want to use the audio from the film in a commercial and we do not want them to miss out on an opportunity. If the music is not played in its entirety and is accompanied by voiceover, Artlist’s license will allow the audio to be broadcast on the radio in accordance with these specific terms.

Yes! Artlist’s license also covers the use of music in an app. The music can be used as background music or can play with videos in the app, but the license for use can not be offered for your users in the app. If you’re looking for an Enterprise agreement, please contact us directly and tell us more about your project at [email protected]

Yes, that’s also covered! With our Unlimited License, you’re covered for commercial projects.

Commercial use and television are included in our license and as a subscriber, you’re covered for this use. However, the broadcasting company (eg: TV channel) may be subject to additional royalties according to its standard local PRO agreement.