Melancholia Color Grade

One of the best ways to learn any craft is to dissect the work of other successful craftsmen.

So, for those of you aspiring colorists who’ve already got a good grasp on the technical aspects of the craft, but who are looking for ideas of how to apply a grade, the following videos should prove useful.

These come from IWLTBAP, a company that sells a pretty nifty pack of LUTs. Each video breaks down a single static shot from a famous film. It’s worth noting that these are just approximations of the steps the original colorists might have taken, but nonetheless, they’re extremely helpful for someone wondering what kind of steps go into a polished grade. So without any further ado, here are the videos.


Midnight In Paris


Gone Girl


If you’re interested in checking out a few more of these breakdown videos, the IWLTBAP Vimeo page has quite a few more, in addition to several grading and Resolve tutorials.