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The 22nd of April is World Earth Day, a day to celebrate our planet and all the beautiful creatures that live on it. One of the best parts about being a content creator is the opportunity to show different parts of the world around you, add your own creative spin and share a message. Take a look at a selection of the best clips to help you show your love for the planet and celebrate this World Earth Day. 

Kids holding Earth Day sign in the forest

World Earth Day is an event for all ages — this clip is a great way to get the kids involved and show them loving the planet from an early age.

Download Kids Holding Earth Day Signs

Stunning landscape aerial shot

A big part of World Earth Day is showing off our planet’s fabulous, unspoiled landscapes. This stunning clip pans across a beautiful agricultural horizon with a clear, bright blue sky. 

If you’re looking for more beautiful landscape clips, check out our library.

Download Agricultural Landscape Aerial Shot

Show the planet some love

There’s so much to love about the world, but we need to take care of it. This is a great clip to use to show the harmful impact humans are having on the planet and encourage people to clean up and care for Earth.

Download Cleaning the Beach

The Earth from Space

From down here on the ground, our planet feels like a big place, but when we see it hanging in space, we get a sense of how small and fragile our home can be. 

Download Planet Earth Viewed From Space

Family cleaning up the forest 

World Earth Day is about taking action to ensure the incredible planet we live on survives for the next generation. What better way to start than with small acts close to home? Litter-picking is something we can all get behind. In this clip, a happy family is cleaning up their local forest, showing anyone can get involved, regardless of age.

Download Family Cleaning Up The Forest

Planting a tree

Along with picking up litter, another small act you can try to close to home to celebrate World Earth Day is planting trees, flowers, and hedgerows. This clip features a close-up of a woman planting a sapling in a green woodland area, carefully pressing the baby tree into the green mossy opening.

Download Planting a Tree

Plastic bag floating in the ocean

Plastic is a big problem for our planet, and no more so than in the ocean; not only does it make visiting the beach unpleasant, it severely affects marine life and enters our food chain through the fishing industry. This clip of a plastic bag floating in crystal clear waters is an excellent reminder of why taking your rubbish with you is so important.

Download Plastic Bag Floating In The Ocean

Enjoying the outdoors

Being able to enjoy our open green spaces with family and friends is what World Earth Day is all about. In this clip, a young family enjoys a picnic in a beautiful open park with their happy dog. 

Download Family Picnic In The Park

Field of solar panels reflecting the sun

Solar power is another fantastic way of drawing power from our natural resources, and we’re seeing more and more Solar farms popping up around the globe. In this clip, a drone tracks over dusty fields filled with solar panels, reflecting the summery blue sky.

Download Field Of Solar Panels Reflecting The Sun

Bee on a yellow flower

This close-up shot of the humble Bumble Bee zooms in on the small beauties on our planet. World Earth Day is a great chance to show some love for all the creatures that we share this beautiful planet with. 

Download Bee On a Yellow Flower

Looking after our planet shouldn’t be reserved for the one day a year we celebrate World Earth Day; the lessons and values can be a part of your and your family’s daily lives. Whether litter picking, recycling, or planting new trees, we can do tons of small acts in our towns and cities to make our homes a little greener. If you’re a content creator, you can have a big impact when sharing these ideas and values, and Artlist is here to help with stunningly shot, Earth-friendly video clips, ready to explore today.


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