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Throughout history, music has been used to tell stories, share ideas and bring people together, so it’s no wonder music plays such a massive part in Pride celebrations. Whether you’re creating digital content to share your LGBTQIA+ stories or planning a party to celebrate the month, our list of 12 incredible Pride Month songs is here to help. Filled with banging tunes, fast beats, and plenty of love, you can’t go wrong with these top tracks.

Thinking About You – NM

Berlin-based musician and composer NM is well-known across Germany for his dark and moody dance tracks. With 7 albums full of energetic, upbeat dance music, NM has created a soundtrack ideal for Pride month celebrations.

Thinking About You is an authentic summer sound with soft vocals, synths, and electric drums. The fast beat and laidback melody give hot sexy Pride vibes, ideal for cool evenings away from the scorching heat.

Download Thinking About You


The Reason – Ben Fox

Over the 14 albums available through Artlist, Ben Fox has produced a collection of modern, dynamic, and versatile sounds. The Irish composer, musician, and video creator specialize in producing techno tracks that enhance your video compositions. 

The Reason is a stunning techno-dance track with a fast beat, electronic drums, and heaps of synth. The deep and sultry voice gives the song a sexy feel, ideal for the darker corners of the dance floor. 


Download The Reason

Runaway – Oliver Michael

Oliver Michael is a composer and music producer with a unique perspective and emotional connection to his tracks. Having lived in South Africa, Canada, and the UK, Oliver Michael has many different cultures and styles to draw on when producing his songs.

Runaway is a smooth track with sultry-toned vocals and a synth beat. This electro-pop track is ideal for your highlight reels, stories, and slideshows and is filled with snaps and claps, percussion, and keys. 

Download Runaway

I Wanna See You Dance – Gidon Schocken

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Gidon Schocken is a guitarist and music producer specializing in upbeat dance tracks. Despite only having a handful of tracks available on Artlist, Gideon’s style and aesthetic make his music ideal for your Pride content.

As you might have guessed from the title, I Wanna See You Dance is a fun and upbeat dance track. Combining Dance, Pop, and Disco sounds, Gidon has created a stunning composition for any celebratory video or presentation.


Download I Wanna See You Dance

Alexandria – J.A.K.

J.A.K is a Norwegian producer specializing in uplifting electro-dance music that inspires audiences. Taking inspiration from pop arrangements and melodic developments, J.A.K. 12 albums are filled with punchy and smooth party scores.

Alexandria is a powerful and carefree dance track with dynamic rises and falls. Featuring backing vocals, acoustic guitars, synths, pads, and electronic percussion, Alexandria is a versatile and inspiring soundtrack for your LGBTQIA+ content.

Download Alexandria

Waste Our Time – Jane & The Boy

Jane & The Boy is an indie-pop collaboration separated by an ocean. Working remotely between the USA and the United Kingdom, the duo has produced 15 albums of singer/songwriter bops and smooth melodies.

Waste Our Time is a pop-inspired track with disco sounds and dance beats. The track features brass, bass, snaps, and synthy vocals with a fun and groovy melody, ideal for starting the Pride party.

Download Waste Our Time

Summer Kite – Peter Spacey feat. Loren Noyman

Peter Spacey is a DJ composer based in Tel Aviv, known for his glitchy dance sounds and beats. Rooted in traditional Jazz piano, Peter Spacey takes inspiration from various cultures and aesthetics. 

For Summer Kite, Peter has teamed up with fiery singer-songwriter Loren Noyman, whose influences include folk music and 70’s disco. The electro-pop track is a burst of colorful instruments with a smooth melody and sultry vocals.

Download Summer Kite

I Just Want to Love You – iTMR

iTRM is a songwriter, producer, and audio engineer based in London. Having studied at the world-renowned Blackbird Studios in Nashville, iTMR is a versatile musician, composing, playing instruments, and producing arrangements filled with an upbeat and summery sound.

I Just Want to Love You is a groovy pop track with compelling lyrics and a funky beat. The soft melody and relaxed rhythm make the track ideal for travel, fashion, and lifestyle posts, while the message of universal love makes it a fun addition to your Pride party playlists.

Download I Just Want to Love You

Bailar – Vettore

Vettore, aka Alessandro Xiueref, is an Italian DJ and music producer who has performed in clubs worldwide. Know for his fusion of house, techno, and energetic beats, Alessandro has a collection of 4 albums available to download on Artlist.

Baliar is a fantastic example of techno-dance, with a fast beat and groovy tune, ideal for getting everyone to the dance floor. The heavy bass blends EDM and house music, allowing the synthy vocals to stand out.

Download Bailar

Sexy Smile – Selamo feat. Moon

Selamo, aka Moran Sela, is an R&B singer, songwriter, and fashion designer who connects people through songs about everyday struggles and experiences. For Sexy Smile, Selamo collaborated with Moon, aka Saar Twito, a composer, producer, and vocalist based in Israel.

 Sexy Smile is an upbeat and melodic track fusing R&B, Jazz, and Hip Hop, with plenty of rises and falls. The tuneful song will surely get your audience in a celebratory mood, as you can’t help but move to the relaxed beat.

Download Sexy Smile

Bomb – Flint Remix – Flint, Moon feat. Sapir Shoval

Orfi Flint is a producer and guitarist whose multi-genre influences are clear to hear throughout his massive collection of 20 albums. Specializing in hard beats and crisp textures, Flint produces high-energy tracks and remixes that get stuck in your head.

The Bomb is a dramatic and powerful R&B track by Moon featuring Sapir Shoval on vocals. Flint has taken the track to a new level with his techno-dance remix, filled with fast beats, synth glitches, and electronic drums – ideal for party highlight reels, story updates, and Pride content.

Download Bomb 

Take It to the Top – Ofrin

Ofrin is a singer and composer who creates cinematic, powerful pop melodies and fast beats. Well known for her other-worldly sound, Ofrin has over 40 tracks available for download on Artlist, bringing together Eastern and Western musical influences.

Take it to the Top is a beat-filled electronic dance track with keys, percussion, synths, and brass. The repetitive and relaxed vocals make the track suitable for vlogs, promotional videos, trailers, and a banging tune for your party playlists.

Download Take it to the Top.

Pride is a time for us to look back and acknowledge how far we’ve come in pursuit of an equal and inclusive society. Music plays a massive part in celebrating the achievements and sharing the love as LGBTQIA+ communities join this Pride Month. If you want more fun dance and techno beats for your content and parties, check out the Pride Celebration Collection on Artlist.


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