The Top 10 Songs on Artlist in 2022

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We’ve loved seeing what music inspires your creativity and helps you tell your stories in 2022. Artlist’s top 10 songs of the year are perfect for adding a touch of drama, excitement, or emotion to your videos.

To create this list, we looked at the songs that were most popular with our subscribers this year and also considered which tracks offer the most versatility for different types of video.

Whether you’re working on a film, a commercial, or a YouTube video, you’ll find something on this list that will help enhance your story and engage your viewers.

1. It’s Going Down by Sourwah

There’s no way you can resist the energy of this funky, uplifting track by UK-based songwriter Sourwah. Its positive vibe is perfect for a video with fast-paced action, fun and excitement, from party scenes to travel adventures and more. Get it with or without vocals.

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2. Against All Odds by Tiko Tiko

After building slowly from a gentle strings-backed guitar, Against All Odds crescendos with powerful, inspirational vocals before switching back to a relaxed rhythm for the outro. Perfect for landscape shots.

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3. Live in the Moment by WEARETHEGOOD

Good times / Live in the moment feel like summertime – this feel-good track is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Great for commercials or fashion videos and available with and without vocals.


4. Dare to Dream by BalloonPlanet

This piece by Prague-based duo BalloonPlanet is ideal for corporate videos with its optimistic vibes and punchy beats.

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5. Sunny Summer by FASSounds

The beauty of this upbeat track by Indonesia-based musician FASSounds is its versatility. It can fit with many types of videos – from cityscapes to technology, travel to fashion.

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6. Earth & Heavens by Sémø

A beautiful, pensive sound with haunting vocals that is an ideal background for passionate love scenes or dramatic cinematography. Available with and without vocals.

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7. CHONKLAP! by Out of Flux

Get your funk on with CHONKLAP! This upbeat and energetic song is driven by an infectious percussion and a powerful bassline.

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8. Night Dancer by Alex MakeMusic

This upbeat, poppy soundtrack is perfect for adding some energy, excitement and inspiration to any video.

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9. Waltz by Sunny Fruit

Feel the power of the bass with Waltz. Fusing hip hop rhythms with electro synths, its energetic tempo is a great choice for setting an upbeat mood in your video.

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10. Arise by Roman P

This song is powered by dramatic strings and a cinematic feel. It creates a sense of grandeur that’s perfect for dramatic moments.

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