How MyHeritage soundtrack diverse content with Artlist


Founded in 2003, MyHeritage is a global leader in family history.
The team creates various video content, from product launches to feature spotlights and documentaries.
Artlist provides MyHeritage with the variety and quality of music they need to create impactful videos.
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About MyHeritage 

Founded in 2003, MyHeritage is a global leader in family history. It enables millions to discover their past and empower their future with sophisticated matching technologies, billions of international historical records, and at-home DNA testing. Its core values—innovation, compassion, and diversity—guide its operations and are apparent in every touchpoint. 

The challenge

MyHeritage, a world leader in family history and DNA testing, faced a unique challenge: finding diverse, royalty-free music to soundtrack its vast amount of digital content. The team creates various types of video content, from product launches to feature spotlights and documentaries. Adding the right high-quality music to their videos is essential to connecting with their audience and achieving their goals. 

Before Artlist, the team had to go through a lengthy search process to find music for their videos. The lack of variety and complicated licensing associated with individually sourcing songs proved a pain point for the team, as speed and efficiency are key to their content creation process. 

The solution

Enter Artlist. The MyHeritage team discovered Artlist’s music and has created content with it ever since. Eugene Slov, Video Production Lead at MyHeritage, said they “explored several options, and the variety and quality of music in Artlist’s catalog really suited our needs”. 

Artlist’s extensive music catalog features a wide range of genres and moods, providing the perfect soundscape for each of MyHeritage’s projects. The platform’s intuitive search and filter tools enabled MyHeritage to quickly and efficiently find high-quality music that resonates with its global audience. Eugene explained that Artlist has helped the team “streamline their production process and create impactful content”. 

MyHeritage has used Artlist music across a variety of platforms and content types. Here are some examples of their work:

New feature spotlight

Introducing new features on MyHeritage’s platform is always an exciting occasion, and the spotlight videos need a soundtrack that matches the innovation they showcase. Using music from Artlist, MyHeritage underlined the significance of its new offerings with an upbeat, groovy song that compliments the flow of the video and successfully delivers its message.  

Download the Artlist song featured in the video:

New product launch

Launching a new product is significant for any business. The right music can make all the difference. For the debut of its latest product, MyHeritage selected a bold orchestral song from Artlist that resonated with the theme of discovery and connection. The music amplified the impact of the visuals and narratives, creating an engaging and memorable experience for viewers. 

Download the Artlist song featured in the video:


MyHeritage’s documentaries use powerful storytelling to showcase real customer stories and demonstrate the platform’s impact on connecting customers with their roots. 

The background music sourced from Artlist adds depth and emotion to these stories, enhancing the narrative flow and helping viewers feel a deeper connection to their own histories.

Download the Artlist song featured in the video:

Wrapping up 

Artlist Business has become an invaluable partner for MyHeritage, providing a rich music library that caters to an expansive range of content needs. Whether uplifting, inspiring, or contemplative, the right music enhances viewers’ engagement and enriches the storytelling experience.

Now, it’s your turn to elevate your company’s digital content and connect with your audience. Discover how Artlist Business can help your brand achieve its creative and marketing goals with the perfect music and creative assets for every project.

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