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Announcing the full version release of the filmmaking industry’s new go-to library for high-quality licensed music.

Artlist has released the highly-anticipated full version of – the site for licensing music that has reimagined music licensing in a creative way.

One year ago, Artlist went live with a robust beta version of the site which attracted filmmakers across the industry to a new way of thinking about how to license authentic, high-quality music. The model proved to be a huge hit. So, they went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the site from the ground up based on direct customer input and experience.

Streamlined, Powerful & Loaded with New Music

Artlist has integrated all the familiar tools that filmmakers use to find music including powerful new filtering and search options, project organization and much more. Here are just a few:

  • 650+ new songs
  • 120+ new albums
  • Multi-tag selections
  • New curated categories
  • Duration filter
  • Search by genre
  • Create and share collections
  • Completely re-designed platform
  • Up to 10x faster functionality
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • Free preview downloads
  • Overall bug fixes

    Get unlimited royalty-free sound effects

The Best Value for Money

Remarkably, and at least for now, the subscription offer is the same – $199 for unlimited access and use of the entire catalog. Filmmakers need not worry about purchasing additional licenses to use the music in commercial projects as the license covers everything – unlimited means exactly that.

That means thousands of great songs at your fingertips with no price tag after you subscribe – effectively solving the music budget issue. Subscribers to Artlist only have to add music to their cart, hit the checkout button and immediately receive the songs in their email inbox or access them directly in their Download History page on the site.

The release of the full version has come with a load of new music from some of Artlist’s most popular artists and new musicians on the site. The catalog is compiled from a worldwide network of indie artists and rivals the quality of today’s most prominent music licensing platforms.

We Are ArtList

The new collection feature allows you to share a curated selection of your own to share with colleagues and clients for better collaboration on your projects.

Also, you may have noticed that the dash in the name Artlist has been dropped. The simplified version makes it easier to write and share.

Artlist will continue to grow its catalog and always bring their subscribers the newest and most relevant music for their projects.

Check Us Out

If you haven’t seen what Artlist has to offer yet, you can browse the entire catalog of over 2800 songs, download preview tracks and share what you find with others. We believe you will find that Artlist has made music licensing easy, fast, creative and affordable without any compromise on quality.

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