6 Essential Social Media Trends for Creators in 2023


Trends in social media are changing all the time, but there are a few major phenomena that you need to know as a content creator.
2023’s social media trends are all about creating a sense of community and connection through authentic content, as well as experimenting with AI and the metaverse.
Be authentic and create content around a very particular topic or group of people that you resonate with.
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Social media is one of the fastest changing realms to work in. New trends constantly pop up, new features are added and new platforms enter the scene. As a content creator, you need to stay up-to-date in order to know what kind of content to put out there.


While there’s no recipe for creating the next viral video, staying ahead of the trends will put you on the right path to building a solid social media strategy. In turn, it’ll help you grow your following, stand out from the crowd and get more eyes on your content.


To help make this your best year yet, we’ve gathered the most talked-about social media trends of 2023, based on reports from Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Here’s your guide to what content you should (and shouldn’t) create in 2023.Trends in social media are changing all the time, but there are a few major phenomena that you need to know as a content creator.

1. AI is everywhere

It wasn’t so long ago that AI sounded like some kind of foreign language to the average human. But with inventions like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, generative AI is now pretty much everywhere, including content creation. And it’s time to get involved.


AI-centric content is one of the biggest major social media trends for 2023. With the rise in copy generators, you can quickly draft content ideas or scripts. Software like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney can help you create incredible visuals fast for storyboarding. And TikTok has a whole range of AI-inspired effects, for example AI Art that transforms an image from your camera roll into a brand new work of art.


While AI can’t replace human creativity or innovation, it will continue developing and is fast becoming one of the biggest trends in social media.


2. The metaverse goes mainstream

The metaverse is also a fairly recent addition to our daily lives. It’s already being integrated into our social media feeds, a phenomenon that is expected to continue in the coming years.


We’ve seen major brands lead the way. For example, Gucci opened a metaverse world in The Sandbox, Nike purchased RTFKT in order to sell digital artifacts in the metaverse, and so on. In addition, more and more Gen Zers are taking inspiration from virtual beauty and fashion influencers.


So, how can you get in on the action? In 2023, creators, particularly Gen Z, are expected to experiment with everything from VR and AR to NFTs, virtual stores and avatars. These will become increasingly accessible, with social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook expected to introduce features that will empower creators to enter the weird and wonderful world of the metaverse.


3. Content diversification

In this modern-day world of instant gratification, it’s no secret that people get bored easily. Arguably, more than ever before. To keep your audience engaged, you’ll need to shake things up. In their 2023 social media trends reports, Instagram and YouTube emphasize the importance of content diversification.


You can no longer rely on the same video format for each and every post. Instead, try playing around with multiple formats and platforms. Explore YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels to create both short-form and long-form content. Perhaps it’s even time to launch that podcast you’ve been dreaming about.


Another way to diversify your content is to make it multi-sensory, even if it’s just on a small scale. Find ways to incorporate audio, music, memes, GIFs and more into your videos. You can also make your content interactive with questions and polls that invite your subscribers to engage.


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4. Radical authenticity

In 2023, authenticity is key. With more and more of our lives shifting online, people are craving community and a sense of belonging. This opens the door to truly candid, authentic content.

Creators have already shared TikToks of them crying on their couches, pouring their hearts out and discussing their latest therapy session. While you don’t need to expose the depths of your soul, don’t be afraid to take your viewers on a ride. Even if you’re just going for a coffee or grocery shopping, making your viewers feel like they’re on a FaceTime call with you will help your content feel real and relatable. 2023 is all about eye-level, spontaneous storytelling.


Try creating content that is uniquely you. On top of keeping things down to earth and casual, you can also experiment with new ways of shooting content. Look out for existing video editing trends and adapt them to fit your style. To kick off your inspiration, explore different video templates and see how you can put your own spin on them.


5. Go niche, hyper-nich

Another way of building a sense of community and connection around your content is by going hyper-niche. This means that you create content around a very particular topic or group of people that you resonate with.

TikTok is a great place to do this, as you can use niche hashtags that bring together certain communities. For example, the hashtags #lazyvegan or #tiredmom connect people who share a similar outlook or deal with the same day-to-day challenges. TikTok hashtags are also a great source for discovering new creators – or for your potential followers to discover you.

 6. Content monetization

Instagram labels 2023 as the year of the side hustle, meaning that there are more opportunities than ever for creators to make money out of their passion. If you want to monetize your content, you’ll need royalty-free assets like music, sound effects, stock footage and more.


2023 will also see Gen Zers increasingly using music as a type of universal language and form of self-expression, harnessing its power to overcome language barriers. There are endless royalty-free music genres on Artlist, so you can find what you’re looking for, whether it’s Latin, K-pop or world music.

Incorporating social media trends into your content

While social media trends are fast-evolving, there are some phenomena that are here to stay. This year, you have the chance to experiment with exciting new technologies, such as AI and the metaverse, while finding ways to bring people together with real, raw content.

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