YouTube Channel Breakdown: How Sara Dietschy Became the Queen of Tech

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Since starting her tech review YouTube channel more than 10 years ago, Sara Dietschy has amassed more than 840k followers
Sara’s breakthrough came in 2016, when she did a video about Casey Neistat
Interviewing big names in the tech industry like Marques Brownlee, Gary Vaynerchuck and Mark Zuckerberg has helped Sara grow her YouTube popularity

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On September 17th, 2011, Sara Dietschy uploaded a video that would change her life. It was a nothing-particularly-fancy video review of the Fulltone Soulbender music pedal.


Despite these humble beginnings, over the next 10 years, Sara would go on to build one of the most popular female-tech review channels on YouTube. She notched up 840k subscribers (as of February 2022), pulling in over 90 million views and interviewing some of the biggest names in tech, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Gary Vaynerchuck and Marques Brownlee.

And on September 17th, 2021, she uploaded a video to celebrate 10 years on YouTube – no mean feat!

Make no mistake about it, Sara Dietschy is the queen of tech and one of YouTube’s most-loved treasures. So, how did she do it?

At a glance

Sara Dietschy is a 26-year-old YouTuber/content creator based in Dallas, Texas. Since joining the site in September 2011, Dietschy has been making YouTube videos mainly focused on tech reviews, creativity and entrepreneurship, as well as interviews, vlogs and documentaries. She also hosts the popular podcast show “That Creative Life,” where you can find some exceptionally deep, informative interviews with some of the biggest creators in the business. Here’s what her channel description has to say…

sara dietschy youtube channel about


When Ran (our blog’s senior editor here at Artlist) emailed me with the idea of writing up a breakdown about Sara and her channel, he began with this very simple summary: “She’s funny, down-to-earth, relatable…”

In just a few words, Ran summed up a huge factor in what has made Sara such a success. While she’s the first to admit that she wasn’t all that great on camera when she first started out with that Fulltone Soulbender review in 2011, over the past 10 years, she’s been able to flourish and grow into her role as a YouTuber.

When you watch Sara’s videos now, you can immediately see that she’s being 100% herself. There’s no acting or forced nature about it. Instead, she comes across as very humble, down-to-earth, relatable and funny. It’s like you’re hanging out with a friend, and that’s ultimately what keeps people coming back for the next upload – they feel a connection with Sara. Over time, there’s a relationship of trust that has been built. That’s particularly important when it comes to tech reviews! Dietschy’s audience knows that she’s knowledgeable, and they trust what she has to say about tech products. You don’t earn that overnight.

If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you have to nail being comfortable on camera and being yourself. Audiences can see right through anything else.

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When it comes to growing an audience on YouTube, there are all kinds of growth-hacking tips out there. For example, perhaps you make a video about one of your favorite creators who has a lot more subscribers and traction than you. If it’s good enough and timed right, perhaps that creator sees your video. Perhaps they share it, perhaps they even react to it and give you a shoutout? One of the most successful examples was Sara’s “Casey Neistat video”.

In February 2016, just as Casey Neistat’s daily vlog was really skyrocketing, Sara uploaded her video “How to Casey Neistat a vlog”:

In it, she expertly outlined what makes Casey Neistat’s videos so good and how to achieve the same look and feel of his vlogs. The video was great, and it was an instant hit. Casey saw it and went on to react with his own video, “Is she making fun of me?”

Liftoff. In the very top line of the video description, Casey told his viewers to go and subscribe to Sara’s channel. Practically overnight, Sara’s subscriber count went from 4,000 to 40,000, and she’s never looked back. “That one viral video that really put me on the map, and it was kind of game over. I haven’t stopped since”, she told Yahoo Life in a recent interview.

You see, this wasn’t a lucky fluke. Sara planned for this and got the timing spot on. This rise in subscribers came just before she released the 2nd season of her “Creative Spaces TV” docu-series. It helped her continue building the channel and keeping viewers sticking around as they realized how talented she was.


Another skill that Sara is particularly adept at is collaborating with other creators. In the wildly popular podcast she started – “That Creative Life” – Sara interviews some of the biggest creators in the business, including the likes of Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), Shelby & Monica Church, Hank Green and plenty more.

Oh, did we mention her first guest was Gary Vaynerchuck?

And that she’s also interviewed the Mark Zuckerberg? By interviewing and interacting with these huge names in tech and business, Sara has earned the right to have her own name up there alongside them.

So while most viewers and listeners may have initially tuned in because of Marques, Gary or Mark, they stuck around thanks to Sara’s incredible talent as a YouTuber.


Despite some big wins along the way (such as the Casey Neistat video), Sara Dietschy has not been an overnight success. The best creators rarely are. As we established at the top of this article, Sara has been doing this for over 10 years now. That’s a long time – especially in the creator economy!

She’s an example of how you have to be patient and consistent with your channel. You can’t expect to upload 5 videos and see massive results. Rather, you have to keep chipping away, uploading regularly and consistently, slowly improving and taking small steps, one after the other. Sara has done that for a decade and is now deservedly reaping the rewards.


So, are you subscribed? It goes without saying, but Sara Dietschy is going from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her cross one million subscribers in 2022, and she has plenty of projects to keep her busy while she’s at it.

If you’re looking for in-depth tech reviews covering the latest laptops, Apple products, new cameras, as well as in-depth interviews with some of your favorite creators and YouTubers, or just some advice and insight on what it takes to be a YouTuber and entrepreneur in 2022, there’s nobody better.

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