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Christmastime is just around the corner, meaning content creators are gearing up to get their holiday-related content into production
Artlist is introducing the Christmas SFX Collection so creators can access royalty-free sounds for every occasion
Check out the collection for yourself and see the wide array of effects you can use in your upcoming project

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Christmas is just around the corner, meaning content creators are ramping up to get into holiday production. Aside from solid storytelling and compelling concepts, execution in post sets professional creators apart from amateurs in today’s marketplace. Making sure you have crisp, excellent Christmas sound effects will ensure your viewers feel the audible magic holiday videos bring.

That’s why Artlist has released its Christmas SFX Collection. In it, you’ll find a broad range of sound effects for any festive scenario. So whether it’s a crashing snowball, sleighbells ringing or newly opened toys on Christmas day, the collection has plenty of effects to help creators make their videos pop.

Why Royalty-Free Christmas Bell Sound Effects

Christmas-related production costs can add up, and no creator wants to sacrifice quality at the sound-mixing stage. That’s why royalty-free Merry Christmas sound effects are an excellent opportunity for creators. For an annual fee, filmmakers can access a library of Christmas music and effects from professional artists. Check out the collection for yourself and see the options for your next project.

Cartoon Holidays – Santa Claus Voice, Christmas Is Here Again, Laughing by Apple Hill Studios

License now

Santa isn’t himself without a boisterous voice. This effect delivers exactly that with a booming declaration and a sweet, drawn-out guffaw familiar to everyone.

Christmas Spirit – Whoosh, Winter Mystery, Windy by HD Audio

License now

This Merry Christmas sound effect is spoken by the wind. Wintry gusts are a signature part of Yuletide lore, making this effect play great in snowcapped drone shots or cross-fading motion graphics.

Melodic Logos – Merry Christmas, Woman Singer, Festive by Yael Heim

License now

This one sparkles in both effect and voice. Its glittering effect is coupled with a velvety-sounding lyric that can be a great introduction or closing wish in your video.

Beyond Imagination – Sleigh Bells, 80 BPM by Rick Allen

License now

Sleigh bells are a staple Christmas bell sound effect and for good reason. Rick Allen serves it up with jingles in different tempos and rhythms, from rattling for everyone’s attention to steady chimes playing over your commercial.

Merry Christmas – Music Box, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Long Version, F Major, 122 bpm by Dauzkobza

License now

Wind-up jingles bring a lot of old-world charm in addition to being a unique Christmas bell sound effect. This long version is an excellent choice, whether on voiceover or your choice for an old wooden toy you’re featuring.

Young Reactions – Girl Saying Wow by Vadi Sound

License now

A childlike sense of wonder is a thing to behold. The surprise of a little girl getting her favorite present, watching snow fall, or catching Santa deliver presents goes right to your heart. This Merry Christmas sound effect is a subtle but strong choice.

Clockwork Toys – Music Box, We Wish You a Merry Christmas Tune by Skyclad Sound

License now

This Christmas bell sound effect has the added charm of a winding track coupled with it. This gives it a unique, retro feel for throwback stories or home videos of past Christmas get-togethers. 

Let It Snow – Snowball, Hard Hit by Gamemaster Audio

License now

Snowball fights are one of the joys of winter, and a crashing ball should have the unique sound that only snow can make. This is an excellent Christmas sound effect to make the audio land, as well as the ball does on its target.

Cartoon Mania -Toy Steam Train, Choo Choo, Chaka Chaka by Omnibit Sound

License now

Toy trains play a prominent role in holiday lore. Whether it’s in a decorated department store or around the house after Christmas day, this effect has all the chugging and whistling that will make the toy come alive.

Road Trip – Walking in Heavy Snow by Felix Blume

License now

Trekking through snowy weather is no easy feat, and the right sound effect is needed to communicate the task at hand. This effect makes each step count. A terrific choice for narrative or lifestyle content slugging through wintry outdoor conditions.

Cartoon Holidays – Santa Claus Voice, Laughing, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Apple Hill Studios

License now

Santa always has a joyous quality to his voice, and this Merry Christmas sound effect gives him just that. With well wishes for two holidays, this sound clip can be played equally well in animated content and a jolly, live-action take on Mr. Claus.

LOL Male – Man Laugh, Gradual by Eiravaein Works

License now

Christmastime is known for its joy, so clips like this are great for men getting pulled into the festive spirit. Whether it’s dad enjoying a joke over Christmas ham or Ebenezer Scrooge turning into a new man, this clip shows the infectious nature of holiday cheer.

Peal – Sleigh Bell by Articulated Sounds

License now

This single-chime Christmas bell sound effect gives a perfect ring for holiday jingles. Whether looped or used once, it has the unmistakable holiday quality that will ground your video in Christmastime.

Christmas Choir performing in front of a crowd by re:focus

License now

This effect gives creators a lot to work with. Mixing the choir harmonics with ambient speaking of the crowd could play equally well with a talkative church or an outdoor recital of Christmas music with passersby. 

Merry Christmas – Harp Glissando, Ascending by Dauzkobza

License now

Harps are angelic instruments, and this clip shows why with a serenading sound. It can be used with a featured instrument or as a transitional effect revealing a decorated, festive scene.

Switzerland – Christmas Market, Cheerful People Walla, Lausanne by Glitchedtones

License now

Ambient sounds are great for capturing celebratory Christmas-goers out and about. This clip features a busy market, lots of conversation, and general business that suits it well for shots with lots of people feeling the holiday spirit. 

Urban Cape Town – Crackling Fireplace by Jesse Gillis

License now

A warm fireplace is heaven in cold climates. This effect is great for getting the sound of sparking wood and the steady, comforting audio that indoor heat brings.

Classic Recalls – Ethereal Vibraphone Chord, Reverberant by Selkor Studio


License now

This effect has a heavenly quality. The chord can be played in transition, show the arrival of Christmas ghosts, or reveal a snow-covered environment upon first morning light.

Ski – Sliding and Braking on Snow by RZ Post

License now

Snow dust getting kicked up is a visual treat, and you’ll want the right effect to give it texture. This short, effective clip does just that with a skier slushing and braking with attitude.

Foley handling wrapping paper by re:focus

License now

Wrapping presents is a signature holiday tradition. Making sure you have the right sound effect with enough crinkle will give your shot the recognizable sound that makes the holidays so memorable.

Binaural City – Church Bells Ringing, Celebration by Ambisonic Spaces

License now

This Christmas bell sound effect shows the religious place the holiday has for many. An outdoor effect with a big, tolling sound, it marks a cathedral letting the town know service is in session.

Scene Santa’s chimney entrance by re:focus

License now

Santa’s legendary entrance into your house shouldn’t always be so secretive. If you’re featuring Saint Nick sliding down, this sound effect has all the hallmarks. This includes a belly rubbing down the chimney’s sides, a thudding impact and his grandfatherly voice when he finally steps inside the living room.

Christmas Spirit – Logo, Positive, Magical by HD Audio

License now

This jingle is special because it combines so many elements that make the holiday season so loved. The bells, twinkles and wintry sound give it a sprightliness that will play well as a theme music in any commercial.

Cartoon Holidays – Santa’s Elf Voice, Have A Wonderful Christmas Everyone by Apple Hill Studios

License now

Elves are Santa’s helpers and run on holiday enthusiasm. This squeaky, cartoonish clip is a winning choice for motion-graphic closing shots or animated content featuring the little toymakers themselves.


Christmas content provides an excellent opportunity for creators who want their work to be seen. Having the right effects is crucial to make your videos pop and give them a unique holiday sound. The Artlist Christmas SFX Collection has a wide assortment of Christmas bell sound effects and much more for all your video needs. Whether it’s effects for snow, voices of Santa and company, or musical instruments with Yuletide characters, Artlist has you covered. Check out the collection for yourself and see how the library of effects could be used in your holiday project.

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