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2019 has been quite a year for us at Artlist, filled with innovations and creativity. Wanting to acknowledge our subscribers’ year of creation with us, you can enjoy a personalized summary of your musical trends for 2019, to give you a sense of what your year was like as a creator.

If you’re a subscriber, just sign in to Artlist and get a detailed recap of your top downloaded songs, favorite artist and the mood you were into this year. Hopefully, it could give you some insight into the type of creator you are and make future searches more efficient.

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New and Noteworthy Music

Wanting to offer you more choice and variety, we grew our library to more than 12,000 original tracks this year. For the musical highlights, you can check out our curated Best of 2019 collection, showcasing the standout songs we added to our library in the past 12 months. It has some of the music we used in our own commercials, like ‘Howling at the Moon’, a rocking bombshell by D Fine Us that features in our latest ‘We are the Creators’ ad, which we did in collaboration with computer hardware giant MSI. Another example is Egozi’s super-funky ‘Jell-O’ that grooves our ‘Dance’ commercial.

Other highlights include the exuberant Folk of The Hunts on ‘Love of Mine’ dark pop vibes of Faith Richards on ‘Bold’ and Yehezkel Raz‘s hopeful and romantic piano on ‘Ballerina’ which you can hear on Ryan Reynolds’ bottle cap challenge video.

We always aim to expand musical horizons. That’s why you can also find in there Hans Johnson’s poetically cinematic ‘Maasai,’ Nate Rose’s playfully fierce ‘Curious George’ and Shtriker Big Band’s swinging retro ‘Lemonade’.

Plus, we curated collections with the standout songs from the most popular category filters on our site, so you will find a Best of Powerful collection, a Best Cinematic collection, Best UpliftingBest Vlog and Best Wedding collections. Check them out on our Spotlight section.

From Artgrid to Blog

To help you find music faster and make our catalog more diverse, we added new categories, like the genres LatinLoungeChildren and Holiday and the mood Groovy, to make our catalog more diverse and help you find music faster. Your feedback also helped us improve the platform with the highly requested keyboard shortcuts, easy-to-find song lyrics and also the Featured Videos section new to our Spotlight section where you can watch notable subscriber films.

To help creators find affordable high-end stock footage for their video projects, we launched Artgrid this year, Using the same values as Artlist to simplify footage licensing. Two new additions where you can get useful filmmaking tips and hacks that will improve your skills were the blog and our Facebook group for Artlist and Artgrid users. In the former, you will find interviews with industry professionals, behind-the-scenes of our own productions, analyses of filmmaking trends and more, while the latter serves as a safe space for creators to share their work and get constructive feedback.

See You in the Roaring ‘20s!

We would love for you to join our growing community of creators, continue following your passion and evolve as filmmakers. Have a creative 2020!

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