Rampant Design's Powerful Style Effects Come Native into FCPX
May 09, 2016

Rampant Design's Powerful Style Effects Come Native into FCPX

By Robert Hardy 2 min read
Rampant Design Tools FCPX Effects I've been a big fan of the style effects crafted by Rampant Design Tools for some time. Their mattes, flares, film effects, and transitions are one of the easiest ways I know to add some seriously cool aesthetics to a video with minimal work. Though the effects have always been platform agnostic, Rampant Design took it a step further at NAB this year and released a series of native FCPX plugins that bring their effects directly into the platform. This makes it even easier for people to add and manipulate the effects. This adds to the recent launch of the workflow tool KYNO. Here are a few of the product videos released by Rampant that show off the power and ease of use of the new plugins.
The other awesome part of this is that unlike other Rampant products, these FCPX plugins seem to be resolution-independent. Whereas packs of high-resolution 4K and 5K effects would have cost a pretty penny (usually around $500) with Rampant's universal effects, all of the FCPX plugins are a flat $29. This means that if you're working with high-res media in FCPX and want to use these style effects, you can now do so for significantly less money. Anyhow, if you're interested in any of these packs, they're all available over on the Rampant Design Tools website for $29 a piece. You can also check their YouTube channel for tutorials and examples of these plugins in use. [via fcp.co]
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