Adobe Premiere and After Effects Dynamic Link

The dynamic linking feature between Premiere Pro and After Effects has been around for quite awhile. But every now and again, it’s good to revisit even the most basic of features to revel in just how cool and useful they really are.

I remember back when I was getting started with Premiere and After Effects, somewhere in the neighborhood between CS4 and CS5, while dynamic linking was still a new feature. While everyone agreed that it was cool, it was always buggy as hell and not particularly reliable. Fast forward to 2016, and Adobe’s engineering team have really ironed out the kinks and made it as seamless and painless as it can possibly be.

To see what I mean, check out this recent tutorial from the good folks over at Motion Array. It’s a great example of just how powerful the ties are between the two applications.

As you can see, dynamically linking a piece of media between the two applications is incredibly simple. It really is as easy as right clicking the clip you want to send to After Effects, selecting “Replace with After Effects Composition,” and voila! Now any changes you make to the After Effects comp you just created will be automatically reflected in your Premiere Pro sequence. No need to constantly hit save or anything. It’s pure magic.

Now go forth, my friends, and use dynamic linking to save time while making your super cool video projects.

[Source: Motion Array]