How to Quickly & Easily Clean Up Bad Audio in Adobe Audition CC


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We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of an edit, and all of a sudden you pull in a clip that has some godawful hum in the background. Even worse, you go back and realize that every single clip from that scene has terrible audio. Or maybe a dog starts barking in the middle of a shot, a phone rings, or an airplane flies overhead. You have two options: you could throw out the audio and record it again, or you could tackle the process of fixing the original clip. Luckily, Adobe Audition CC, which last month unveiled powerful features to its software, makes it incredibly simple to fix the most common audio issues you’ll encounter, including the ones mentioned above. In a new-ish tutorial from Ruan Lotter at TunnelvizionTV, he shows you two quick and simple methods for tackling hum and irritating background noise like a telephone ring. Using these techniques, you’ll be ready to fix many of the common audio problems you’ll encounter. I should mention there is light background music in this video, which makes it kind of difficult to hear exactly what’s going on, especially with the noise reduction. That said, the processes shown in the video are spot on, and Ruan explains them well.

There’s one important thing to mention about doing these processes in Audition. When removing specific frequencies, as Ruan did with the telephone ring in the tutorial, it’s likely that you’re going to also remove some frequencies that you want to keep. Depending on how big of a chunk you remove from your audio, it can leave the rest of it sounding quite unnatural and thin. To fix this, you can usually apply some basic EQ and Compression effects (of which Audition has a ton of great options), and then simply tweak the removed frequencies until the clip sounds good again. That’s a tutorial for another day, but if you encounter strange, thin-sounding audio after applying these techniques, EQ is often the best place to start looking for a fix. Anyhow, we’d love to hear about your individual processes for fixing bad audio in Adobe Audition CC. Share them down in the comments!

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