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Working with creators 

In today’s digital world, every brand is now also a content business. Brands can’t just rely on providing a good product or service. In order to stand out, connect with their customers, and build their brand, they also need to genuinely engage their audience. Working with creators through brand partnerships or user-generated content is a great way to humanize and amplify brand messages. Creator collaborations are more than just a trend, they are a key component of any successful modern marketing strategy.  

Impact of the creator economy 

The explosion in creator partnerships has given rise to the creator economy. Now valued at over 100 billion dollars and fueled by over 207 million content creators. Creators have their own loyal followings and niche audience influence. This is extremely valuable for a brand. If chosen correctly, a creator can help a brand reach a new audience or amplify its reach within its core audience. Creators come with built-in followings and influence, which helps drive brand engagement and loyalty. Understanding this ecosystem is crucial for brands aiming to leverage the full potential of creator collaborations. 

How to identify the right creators for your brand

Creator collaborations can be an extremely powerful way to connect with your audience. However, if a brand chooses to work with a creator that doesn’t align with their brand or has an influence on their audience, there’s not much point. It is critical for brands to do their research and choose the right influencers for their organization. Brands should look beyond the number of followers and instead focus on how the creator’s values, content style, and audience demographics align with your brand.

  • Elements to consider when looking for a creative partner
    • Creator’s values
    • Creator’s content style and quality
    • Do the brand and audience demographics align?
    • Creator’s following and engagement 


For example, Artlist is a creative technology company designed for creators, by creators, so when we approach influencers for creative partnerships, they have to exist and create within that ecosystem. We recently worked with Alfredo Barroso, one of the most respected underwater cinematographers in the world. We chose to create with him because his spirit of creativity, attention to detail, and work quality align with our brand. Additionally, our audience are creators and can connect with Alfredo’s story and artistic approach. Therefore, we felt that the partnership felt authentic to our brand and added value to our audience. 


There are many examples of successful brand partnerships. However, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of marketing tactics. We cannot stress enough the importance of authenticity when choosing a creative partner. In years gone by, brands would simply pick the top celebrity and ask them to push their product. Nowadays, consumers are much more savvy, and this simply won’t fly. 

Artlist recently conducted a survey of top business leaders and over 7000 creators to uncover the trends your business needs to know in 2024. The survey revealed that Gen Z is at the forefront of this scrutiny, demanding even more tailored and genuine experiences. They prioritize individuality and prefer to engage with content that aligns with their interests rather than conforming to mainstream trends. 

A creator who shares a genuine connection with your brand will naturally create more authentic, engaging content, leading to deeper audience connections and a more impactful campaign or long-term partnership. 

Collaboration is key

If your brand chooses to work with creators, you need to strike a balance between your brand’s objectives and the creator’s unique vision. The spirit of collaboration needs to be at the heart of everything you do together. We suggest following these steps to create a smooth working relationship:

1. Open and clear communication 

Discuss expectations, objectives, creative freedom, timelines, and deliverables from the outset. It’s also important to have regular feedback sessions and open two-way communication throughout the process. 

2. Get to know each other

The whole process and the end results will always be better if both the brand and the creator take the time to get to know each other. Share information about working styles, audience, and creative vision and see if it’s a good fit before starting the project. 

3. Be fair and respectful 

Creators deserve to be fairly compensated for their time and effort, and brands deserve to receive high-quality content on time. Make sure you’ve sorted out all the compensation timing and expected deliverables in a detailed brief and legal contract.  

4. Build long-term relationships

Instead of viewing collaborations as one-off transactions, brands and collaborators should look at how they can continue to work together in the future. This continuity is beneficial for the brand and creator and helps the audience see a familiar face or content style. 

Wrapping up 

There’s a world of opportunity and a lot of fun and creativity to be explored with brands and creative partners. Establishing an authentic and strong collaborative partnership is the cornerstone of any successful brand partnership. You must establish a balance between giving the creator the freedom to express their ideas and achieving your brand’s goals. With that in mind, it’s always important to keep up to date with the latest trends and content that are relevant to your brand. Artlist Business customers get their own dedicated Account Manager who can provide data-backed insights into the relevant trends and content for your brand’s audience. If you’d like to start or enhance your work with creators, speak to the Artlist team and get the insights you need today. 

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