The Great Mirrorless Camera Showdown Final

Best mirrorless cameras


We’ve gathered 8 of the best mirrorless cameras on the market and pitted them against each other in a bracket-style tournament
We asked the Artgrid filmmakers to vote for their favorite camera in each march-up and explain their choice
The Sony a7S III and the Canon R5 have reached the final showdown. Find out which camera took the title of the favorite mirrorless camera among filmmakers
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Our Greatest Mirrorless Showdown is down to its last 2 cameras.

To recap, we chose 8 of the best mirrorless cameras out there and asked the Artgrid filmmakers to vote for their favorites in head-to-head match-ups.

Here’s what the bracket looks like before the final:

final mirrorless camera bracket

And we got ourselves a classic match-up in the final between the 2 biggest camera manufacturers in the world, Canon and Sony, and specifically, between the Canon R5 and the Sony a7S III.

How the R5 got here

Round 1: Canon R5 vs. Canon R6

In the 1st round, the Canon R5 matched up against the cheaper Canon R6, but the latter’s price could not overcome the former’s video quality and its 8K capabilities.

Semifinals: Canon R5 vs. Panasonic GH5 II

The Canon R5 had a tougher opponent in the Final Four – the lovable Panasonic GH5. Here too, the Canon’s full-frame sensor and stabilization were too much for the GH5’s comfortability and much more affordable price.

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How the a7s III got here

Round 1: Sony a7s III vs. Sony FX3

Versatility and viewfinder were the keys to victory for the A7s III’s win over the FX3. If you shoot stills and like to have a viewfinder, then there’s no question that the A7S III is the right camera for you.

Semifinal: Sony a7sIII vs. Sony a1

Despite having fewer megapixels, the a7s III prevailed over the a1 thanks to its dynamic range and low-light capabilities.

Now let’s go to our final showdown:

Sony a7s III vs. Canon R5

a7sii vs r5

Feature R5 A7s III
Price $3,899 $3,498
Max video resolution 8K/30p Raw | 4K/120p 10-Bit Internal Video 4K/120fps
Megapixels 45 12.9
Sensor Full-frame Full-frame

What our filmmakers say

John Richter: “The a7S III has overall better quality, reliability and performance. I’ve been shooting with this cam for a long time and never had any issues.”

Cristian Baitg: The better autofocus, stabilization and 8k capabilities make the Canon R5 better for me.”

Taras Kokha of 13K Films: The Canon R5 produces visuals with better color, and the images have a better structure.”

Ami Bornstein: “I prefer the a7S III thanks to its superior low-light performance and better codecs for seamless editing.”

Dimitrii Borovikov: I choose the R5 over the a7s III for the Raw video and 45 megapixels still photos it produces.”

Monster Filmmakers: “The a7S III has Better ISO performance, superior battery life and it’s easier to work with on run and gun shoots.”

Tim McGlinchey: For one, I value low-light capability over resolution, so I pick the a7s III. Its 12.1 megapixels are more than enough for producing sharp 4k visuals. Another issue with the Canon R5 is its annoying 30-minute record limit, which has to be a deal-breaker for many professionals. If you ever plan to film wedding ceremonies or speeches, live events, multi-camera productions or other situations requiring long recordings, the Sony a7S III’s theoretically limitless record time will give you much less to worry about.”


In the final match-up, our filmmakers pick Sony over Canon thanks, in large part, to its superior low-light performance and ease of use.

Winner: Sony a7S III

mirrorless camera tournament winner

Wrap up

Of the 8 mirrorless cameras that participated in this bracket-style tournament, the Sony a7S III comes out victorious and is proclaimed the favorite mirrorless camera among filmmakers. Let us know what you think on our social media channels, and until next time, stay creative!

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