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TikTok has created a new generation of content creators with a whole new set of filters and effects to play with. Despite having a vast music library of popular tracks to add to your videos, the complicated license often means your music runs out before the video is finished. Artlist has a vast library of tracks, from short jingles to long-form soundtracks, so we assembled 10 of our favorite end-of-summer TikTok songs ready to download today.

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Sugarsweet – Sped Up – Zach Sorgen

Zach Sorgen is an American record producer and singer/songwriter inspired by an eclectic range of genres. His music has amassed over 100 million worldwide streams and counting, with fans loving his mix of contemporary electro-pop and classical jazz.

Sugarsweet is a fast-paced electro-pop tune with fun lyrics and a powerful beat, filled with electronic synth, keys, and percussion. The summertime vibe gives feelings of sun, sea, sand, and dancing on a hot August evening.

Play No Games – Henry Young, Ashley Alisha

Henry Young is a Korean-American music producer who creates warm melodies, smooth beats, and catchy pop tunes, mixing synths, keys, and vocals with classical instruments. Henry’s work displays a deep understanding and knowledge of the artists that influenced his work.

For Play No Games, Henry is joined by renowned K-pop singer-songwriter Asley Alisha to create a catchy and upbeat pop song, which switches seamlessly from Korean to English and back again.

Like the Old Days – warm keys

Warmkeys is a North California-based Lofi music producer specializing in relaxed instrumentals. Warmkeys produces haunting soundscapes and film scores using percussion, keys, and pads.

Like the Old Days is a slow and thoughtful track with a melancholy vibe and smooth melody. If you’re looking for a longer track for thought-provoking TikTok videos, Warmkey’s work is worth checking out.

The Leaves Are Changing – Miles Kredich

Miles Kredich is an accomplished artist who began learning the violin at just 3 years old. Having studied Music Production and Sound Design at The Savannah College of Art and Design, Miles’ work is influenced by his classical training in Jazz, Viola, Piano, Violin, and Trumpet.

The Leaves are Changing sounds exactly how you might expect from the title. The cinematic piano, keys, and pads create an inspirational and pretty sound, which, at nearly 5 minutes long, makes it ideal for longer content.

Nut Your Business – Randy Sharp, Aves

Randy Sharp is a multi-talented artist experienced in composing, producing, and instrumentals. Having started his music career at a young age as a jazz pianist, Randy fell in love with the smooth classical jazz sound.

Joined by Brookylnn-based beatmakers Aves, Nut Your Business offers a unique blend of relaxed jazz, Lofi, and lounge music featuring electric guitar, synth, acoustic percussion, and piano. The chilled-out vibe is ideal for photo slideshows, presentations, and relaxing on the beach.

Dreht Durch – NAEMS

Niclas Michenthaler, aka NAEMS, is a producer and DJ based in Austria. Specializing in electronic dance music, Niclas has played shows around the world and worked on tracks for some of the top dance music labels.

Dreht Durch is the ideal rave/clubbing vibe, with tons of build before a massive drop. Featuring electronic drums, vocals, synths, and a ton of bass, Dreht Durch has an infectious beat that will make you want to move.


GET IT – No Lead Vocals – Jaylikethealphabet

Jaylikethealphabet is a Colorado Springs-based rapper, producer, and songwriter with a gospel and Christian music background. Mixing in contemporary R&B, soul, and jazz influences, Jaylikethealphabet is definitely one to watch.

Get It is the latest track from Jaylikethealphabet with 3 versions available – with vocals, instrumental, and no lead vocals. The hard-hitting song is a powerful statement, but take away the lyrics, and the beautiful melody and powerful beat shine through.

Voodoo People – Moon

Moon, aka Sarr Twito, is an Israeli composer, producer, guitarist, and vocalist who has performed with The Voca People and Singolda and Friends. Moon has 8 albums available right now on Artlist, featuring tracks filled with his signature guitar picking.

Voodoo People is an electro-pop tune filled with electric guitar, acoustic percussion, synth, and keys. The pleasant and chilled-out track has an uplifting and carefree vibe, perfect for your TikTok summer highlights reels.


Do Brazil – Cobuz & Bustta

Cobuz & Bustta is a Colombian-producing duo offering a unique and fresh take on reggaeton, electronic, and afro sounds. The pair are relatively new to Artlist, with just two tracks available, but we can’t wait to see what this talented partnership comes up with next.

Do Brazil is an incredible blend of world music, Lofi, electronic, pop, and Latin music, with a slow tempo and calming melody. The clean, simple vocals and chilled-out vibe make Do Brazil a versatile and vibrant track.

Best of Luck – Katrina Stone

Katrina Stone is a singer-songwriter with a collection of 6 unique pop-punk albums available on Artlist. Katrina is a talented musician and accomplished artist whose work can be heard in advertisements worldwide.

If you’re looking for something a little more rock-and-roll, then Best of Luck is a fantastic option for your TikTok videos. With a fast beat, grungy lyrics, and synth effects, this track is the perfect girl-power pop-rock tune.

It can be challenging for editors to find the right track for their video, but with Artlist’s vast library and simple music licensing, you can be sure to find what you need in a few simple clicks. If you want more TikTok video options, check out our full Music for TikTok collection and help support independent artists and musicians.

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