Can You Spot the Editing Changes in These (Almost) Identical Scenes?
April 23, 2016

Can You Spot the Editing Changes in These (Almost) Identical Scenes?

By Robert Hardy 2 min read

Inside the Edit Metamorphosis

Sometimes it's the smallest changes in your editing that make the biggest impact.

This is something that my good friend Paddy Bird knows, as he's been editing professionally in the UK for well over 20 years. And though he's already built an absolutely incredible course for editors looking to learn the creative aspects of the craft (Inside the Edit), he's also dedicated to pushing us further in our ability to view a scene and notice how the film editing techniques are unfolding. For that reason, he's been doing a series of short videos called Metamorphosis, in which he plays a short scene, followed by a nearly identical scene with one or two small editing tweaks. Then, it's your job to figure out what changed. Paddy's done about twenty of these videos so far, and most of them make for great mind-teasers for those of us looking to strengthen our craft.

Within the Metamorphosis series, Paddy does videos where he challenges you to look at a timeline of a scene, memorize it, then compare it against a slightly changed version of the same timeline. It's useful for keeping the mind sharp.


Ultimately, the point of these videos isn't necessarily to teach you anything specific about how to edit — although if you're feeling ambitious, you could dive into them and analyze how the changes in the second clip affect the story. Instead, they're simply editing exercises for your brain, meant for keeping you sharp and aware of the small, but not insignificant changes that can build up over time. Anyhow, if you're interested in watching more of these Metamorphosis clips, Paddy has quite a few more on his Vimeo profile. And if you're seeking a first-class editing education, then definitely check out Inside the Edit.

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