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Learn about the advantages of using royalty-free Christmas music.
With a single annual subscription, you’ll receive access to the Artlist Christmas Music Collection.
Take a sneak peek at some of the most downloaded Christmas songs on Artlist.
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Christmas is right around the corner, and the holidays will be here before you know it! As a creator, that means it’s time to add a holiday strategy to your content calendar. The joyous season will be celebrated worldwide and there will be many eyes on the upcoming festive content. Christmas decorations and yuletide parties will soon be in full effect, and music will undoubtedly play a large role in the merriment—bringing joy and hope to everyone.

With that being said, finding the right Christmas songs can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve released the Artlist Christmas Music Collection. In this collection, you’ll have access to a wide variety of artists that deliver the spirit of the season with different styles and genres of music. From old classics to brand-new tracks, this assortment of quality music will help bring the holiday essence to all of your Christmas content.

Find more information about our Christmas collection in the FAQs section at the end of the article, and take a sneak peek at some of the most downloaded Christmas songs on Artlist.

Why royalty-free Christmas music

When using music for commercial use in videos, the ultimate goal is typically for financial gain. That’s why it’s crucial that you purchase the right commercial licensing agreement for any and all music that you’re interested in using—so that you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement for songs in the public domain.

Going with royalty-free Christmas music is most certainly the best option. For a single annual subscription, Artlist provides you with a wide selection of music that doesn’t run afoul of copyright licensing. Check out the collection for yourself and hear the premium quality Christmas song downloads at your fingertips.

Artlist’s Christmas Collection top songs

The Christmas Sleigh Ride by Francesco D’Andrea

This jubilant, ecstatic song makes you feel like you’re flying through the North Pole. The upbeat, rapturous instrumentals come alive with carefree charm. A perfect match for any time-lapse through parades, light shows or festive performances.

Christmas Morning by Jakub Pietras

This track perfectly communicates the anticipation of the holidays. The exhilarating feeling of children running down to unwrap presents and dive into Christmas day. Wonderful for opening shots or scenes with movement and play.

Silent Night by Ian Post

A well-known classic by an Artlist favorite, Ian Post delivers a melodic, velvety rendition of Silent Night. Terrific Christmas song download to capture scenes of intimate family bonds and communal feasts.

Christmas Tree by Zac Nelson

With a peaceful beginning that transitions to a cinematic choir, this song beautifully captures the holidays’ reverence. Whether using it to shoot decorated exteriors or masses of excited observers, you can’t go wrong with a song that holds the Christmas spirit in high regard.

Tis the Season by Hans Johnson

A fun and playful track to play over commercials of holiday shopping or get-togethers. It’s tame yet infectious enough to blend with many brands and uses.

O Christmas Tree by Bob Hart

This jazzy and bouncy version of a holiday favorite will have your head bouncing. A cross between Charlie Brownand backyard banjo, it provides the right amount of hop to your holiday videos.

Auld Lang Syne by HillTopTrio

The blending of folk and ukulele makes this version of a holiday classic like nothing you’ve ever heard. Perfect for travel or lifestyle videos, this song brings the past to the present with surprising merriment.

Joy to the World – Lone Star Vibes by Mack Price

This country interpretation is another example of an artist that bridges Christmas to any genre. Perfect for videos of road trips home or landscape shots in quaint locations.

Merry Christmas by Borrtex

With subtlety and grace, this track has incredible adaptability. Whether you’re shooting a holiday wedding, slow-motion shots of a gift reveal or food spots of ornate spreads, this a terrific choice.

Eviluation by Roie Shpigler

This dark, mischievous piece is perfect for any subversive filmmakers out there. It maintains the familiar Christmas music vibes while mixing drama and tension. Perfect for narratives in the vein of Tim Burton or artists trafficking in darker tones.

Come On Mrs. Claus (Let Me Be Your Man)by Kyle Cox

This comedic, charming song croons and entertains in equal measure. Perfect choice for spots highlighting Christmas nightlife or decorated cityscapes.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Tennessee Pistols

With a little twang and a lot of heart, this one grabs you. Subtle enough to have in your vlog’s background and charming enough to sell any commercial, this version retains all the goodness of the classic it’s based on.

Dixie Bells by Ziv Grinberg

This shifty, funky track will have you grabbing your nearest neighbor to dance. A winning choice to play over videos featuring holiday events with lots of people ready to celebrate.

The Twelve Days of Christmas by Ian Post

This crooning, jazzy version of a song we all know will have your viewers singing along. Its brass brings all the flare of Old Hollywood that’s known to melt your heart and bring a rush of warm memories.

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella by Ofer Koren feat. Ben Sharkey

This track brims with respect for the holiday’s religious roots with expert musicianship. A terrific Christmas song download for lifestyle videos featuring more observant viewers or just about anyone finding their form of worship during the holiday.

Christmas Is Coming by The Delegates

This track serenades you with its old-time silkiness. A smooth, commanding vocal performance leading a raucous band of musicians puts you right in your favorite holiday restaurant or holiday event.

Fall in Love This Christmas by Foster

Songs like this remind you the cold is warmer with a loved one. Urgent and endearing, it’s a perfect companion for your romantic content featuring lovers holding one another next to an ornamented tree and fireplace.

Joy Ride by Aves

This electronic, sexy track shows the holidays off with confidence. Whether featured in fashion spots, nightlife features, or hip time-lapses, it sells with sleekness while remaining carefree.

Silent Night – Beats to Study To by Aves

Soulful and understated, this version of Silent Night is made for spots featuring urban retreats. Whether it’s a city mashup or commercial aimed at younger audiences, it’s packed with enough rhythm to connect broadly.

Christmas Movie by Anton Vlasov

An electronic track with heart, this one soars with the reindeer. The notes dance and sparkle, making it a winner with any aerial shots of twinkling locales.

Snow Castles by Hans Johnson

This resonant, captivating aria is both cinematic and poignant. A perfect companion to travel videos or wintry shots of nature.

Up on the Rooftop by Ziv Moran

Wonderfully cheerful and funky, this shows how much a party Christmas can be. Perfect for content featuring holiday events and commercials that sell through swagger.

Bam Boom! Jingle Bells by Mike Kirin

Perfect for commercials that dance on step, this song keeps a quick time that surges with energy. The drums and bells harmonize with a lot of soul, making action-heavy scenes both fluid and jolly.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Wolf Samuels

This song wins with its simplicity and atmospheric quality. Its latitude makes it play equally well with worship-themed content as well as fantastical narratives.

Bright Eyes by Hans Johnson

Songs like this show off the enchanting nature of the holidays. Soaring and lively, it’s a great choice for aerial shots and nature sequences alike. Use it and see the glitter of wonder light up in your viewers’ eyes.

Gift Wrapping by Zac Nelson

This uplifting song will surely get your audience in the mood for the holiday season. Its dramatic tone gradually increases—making it the perfect accompaniment to all the festivities leading up to Christmas day, including wrapping gifts. Rich in exciting bells and strings, this song is also a great match for aerial or landscape videos.

XMAS Story by Twin Signals

This carefree and playful song truly embodies the Christmas spirit from a child’s perspective. The sparkling bells of the orchestra are perfect for showing the excitement of the holiday season. This song is a great match for videos of children playing in the snow or decorating their homes with family for the holidays.

Wrap up

The holidays are just not the same without incorporating the right inspirational music into your videos. But free Christmas songs that are worth using are hard to come by. That’s why royalty-free Christmas music is definitely the way to go. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Paying once or just for a low-cost subscription
  • Using the music whenever you want
  • Eliminating the fear of violation of a copyright law
  • Accessing a large variety of music genres
  • Downloading tracks instantly

The Artlist Christmas Music Collection features a wide variety of artists and seasonal selections for any kind of video that you might be producing this year. Be sure to check out the collection for yourself and view the plethora of royalty-free instrumental Christmas music available to choose from for your next project.

We also have a vast collection of Christmas sound effects and Christmas stock footage available—making Artlist the one-stop-shop for all of your holiday production needs!

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Frequently asked questions

No, not all Christmas songs are in the public domain. Popular holiday songs such as “Winter Wonderland,” “Sleigh Ride,” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” among others, are not in the public domain.

Yes, but only If you choose to use a classic Christmas song that was published before 1925. In that instance, you will not need to worry about royalties.

Some of the most popular Christmas songs in the public domain include “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night,” “Joy to the World,” “O Christmas Tree,” and “We Three Kings.”

There are currently 58 songs available in the Artlist Christmas Music Collection. Be on the lookout, as we are constantly curating new songs and renditions for the holiday season.

There are many reasons why you should use the Artlist royalty-free Christmas music collection. You’ll have access to songs that you can use as many times as you want in multiple projects, the license is simple and has very few restrictions on the video content you create and what platforms you post on, and you have lifetime use of the songs you purchase.

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