The Best Royalty Free Christmas Music Collection
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December 02, 2019

The Best Royalty Free Christmas Music Collection

By Ran Kidron 14 min read

As the holidays draw near, filmmakers and editors are busy completing their Christmas videos. At one point, you’ll probably need to use Christmas music to inject that extra dose of holiday spirit.

When it comes to Christmas music, popular hits like Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You or Last Christmas by Wham! are pretty much unusable. Licensing them will take up most of your budget (assuming you are an indie filmmaker and not working on a Hollywood production). Take away those, and that leaves you with generic and overused songs that will not add anything to your film. Don’t let your project drown in the vast ocean of Christmas videos. If you want to stand out, you need to find original music.

That is precisely why we at Artlist came out with our own royalty-free Christmas music collection, where you will find holiday songs in all types and genres.

The Classics

If you’re looking for timeless classics, there are plenty of options for you. Jingle Bells is always a good option, and you can find 3 very different versions of this beautiful carol. One is Ziv Moran’s Acoustic rendition, another is a cinematic interpretation by Marshall Usinger’s Post Rock outlet Be Still the Earth, and the third is a Reggae instrumental by acclaimed L.A.-based organist Roger Rivas. 

Introducing Ziv Moran

Ziv Moran is part of the Artlist Original label, a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has perfected a brilliantly refined and inescapably catchy style over the years. There seems to be no genre or category of music in which he cannot write, produce and perform masterfully. Aside from holiday music, you will find anything from Indie Rock and groovy pop to dramatic Electronic soundscapes. Ziv has two more classic songs on our royalty-free Holiday music collection, which are also on his Artlist Christmas music album Our Time - a jolly acoustic rendition of Wish You a Merry Christmas and a gentle Acoustic version of Silent Night. A beautiful song like Silent Night deserves more than one version, so check out Jon Gegelman’s ethereal ambient soundscape.

The 3 Ziv Moran songs in our Christmas collection are from his album 'Our Time'

Meet Ian Post

Another Artlist Original artist who has two classic Christmas songs in this royalty-free holiday music collection is Ian Post. One is an avant-garde cinematic rendition of Away in a Manger and the other is a groovy retro jazz version of The Twelve Days of Christmas featuring the silky, crooning vocals of Ben Sharkey.

Ian Post is a highly sought-after composer and producer in video and film scoring. An alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, Ian has collaborated with artists on an extensive range of projects. These days, he focuses on film soundtracks and exclusive production projects.

Katrina Stone, Rex Banner & Ian Locke

Another 3 Classics on this royalty-free Christmas music collection are Katrina Stone’s poppy Jolly Old Saint Nick, Ian Locke’s haunting cinematic interpretation of Lights Come On and Rex Banner’s Folky It Came Upon the Midnight Clear.

Find Rex Banner's 'It Came Upon a Christmas Clear' on his album 'Modern Christmas'

Katrina is a versatile musician who has been praised on an international scale through scoring brand endorsements, performing on national stages like the Warped Tour, and even earning critical acclaim for her songwriting.

The British Columbia-based Ian Locke is an ambitious, visionary composer with a unique talent for scoring music that fits a film's dynamic flow.

Rex Banner is a producer, songwriter, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director who brings his expansive talent to his work which spans years of commercial scoring and production.

Last but not least in the traditional Christmas music category is Bamtone’s acoustic version of Deck the Halls, a carol whose melody dates to the 16th century and lyrics are from the 19th century.

Modern Christmas Songs

If you want to spread a cheerful Christmas atmosphere but get away from the classics, we got you covered.

Acoustic Christmas Songs

Two excellent singer-songwriters showcase their royalty-free Christmas songs here, with Bamtone’s upbeat Christmas is knockin’ and the Jazzy Fall in Love This Christmas by Foster.

Bamtone is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist. He writes music in an Indie-Folk style and incorporates elements of Rock to create a moving style and sound. Foster is a Virginia-native virtuoso guitarist and talented lyricist.

Cinematic Songs for the Holidays 

Creators looking to add a more cinematic feel to their videos have several excellent options of royalty-free Christmas songs. Talented Pianist and film composer Borrtex delivers an elegant and airy piece titled Merry Christmas, which is also the name of Australian composer Zac Nelson’s cheerful Classical composition. Nelson has another Cinematic Christmas song on this collection, called Christmas Joy, and multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, writer and producer Wolf Samuels will enchant you with the aptly named Magical Christmas.

Royalty Free Christmas Music album Christmas Time
You can find Borrtex's song 'Merry Christmas' on the album 'Christmas Time'

Orugoru No Bouken, which in Japanese means ‘Adventure.’ is a bright and delicate piece by German composer and multi-instrumentalist Simon Osterhold while award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Marc Robillard’s Christmas Cheer has a more dramatic feel.

Electronic Christmas Songs

Royalty Free Christmas Music album Holiday Playlist
Be Still the Earth's royalty-free Christmas album

For an electronic kind of Christmas, you can choose between the ethereal Christmas Around the World by Be Still the Earth and the poppy Christmas Eve by sonic master Red City Hero. The former can be found in BStE's Christmas album 'Holiday Playlist', while the latter is part of the Electronic Christmas album Hello Santa.

Christmas Children’s Songs

If you’re looking for Christmas songs for Children, you can use Ian Post’s Fairy Dreams, A Very Sunny Christmas by Young Rich Pixies or the playful Toy Symphony by Nir Maimon.

Royalty Free Christmas Music album A Very Sunny Christmas

Young Rich Pixies is a producer who specializes in fun, uplifting, motivational music with a rich cinematic sound. Nir Maimon is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer known for his unique Middle-Eastern sound. He blends numerous genres ranging from pop and hard rock to Arabic and classical music.

Happy Royalty-Free Christmas

There's a middle ground between popular yet pricey hits and cheap generic songs for your Christmas video. So, the perfect music for your holiday video is just a few clicks away, so if you want to inject magic into your Christmas video, head over to our royalty-free Christmas music collection.

Wishing you happy and creative holidays from all of us at Artlist!

(Updated on November 5th, 2020)

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