More about Jose Prada

Jose Prada is a Spanish filmmaker, writer and musician based in London. He worked as a language teacher until 2003 and then decided to change his life and go after his dream to become a full-time creator.

After working for different production companies, he started writing and directing his own projects and submitting them to international festivals where he won different awards such as the Nespresso Talents in 2017 and 2019.

As a filmmaker, he has written, directed and edited pieces for clients such as Red Bull, L’oreal, Danone, Renault, Ford, etc. As a musician, he has played the guitar in different bands and composed soundtracks for different video projects.

Jose has published filmmaking guides and articles as well as fiction short stories in different magazines, blogs and newspapers. He has also released two courses on about documentary filmmaking and commercial filmmaking with smartphones.

In 2018 he founded the company JRVISUALS with his friend Rene Strgar, producing documentaries and commercials as well as stock footage for platforms like