New Channels for Finding the Perfect Song for Your Video – Launching 3 Artlist 24/7 YouTube Music Live Streams

How to find the perfect song for your video



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Looking for music for your video can be fun and inspiring, but it can also become tedious and frustrating. Sometimes you have the exact idea for the song you want and you’re able to find it quickly; other times you find yourself sitting for hours sifting through countless songs until settling on The One.

Since Artlist’s inception, our vision and motivation have included giving creators creative freedom and saving precious time in their workflow. Creative freedom comes in the form of Artlist’s universal license, which lets you use the music in any type of video, even commercial, covering that project forever, even after your subscription expires. No hidden or extra costs. The Artlist license was designed to free creators from dealing with the tedious and often overwhelming world of copyright and confusing fine print.

As for time-saving, the recently added AI-powered ‘For You’ recommendations and direct download features are the latest feature developed to that end, joining the curated collections and the ‘Exclude’ feature in a long line of tools designed for streamlining your search for royalty-free music for YouTube or for any other type of video.

The new tools we just launched will help you in both time-saving and creative freedom while adding a dose of fun.

Welcome to Artlist’s 24/7 YouTube Music Live Streams!

From now on, you can listen to whenever you want to not 1, not, 2, but 3!!! 24/7 YouTube Music Live Streams featuring Artlist music.

You have the Chill beats live radio

The Summer pop live radio

And the Uplifting beats live radio

Now you might ask, how can these live streams give creative freedom and save you time? Good question! While we create, curate and add music to the Artlist platform, we know that creators use many different platforms to listen to music for fun or inspiration. And since YouTube is the most popular site on the internet and most of us have a YouTube tab constantly open on our browser while we surf the web, these streams offer you non-stop royalty-music just a click away.

It can make it easier for you to find background music for your video without having to go to the platform and start searching. You can just open a stream and let licensable songs flow to your ears until you find a song that perfectly fits your project. And since most of the music streamed online has some form of copyright restriction attached to it, with the Artlist streams you can now listen to music you can actually use in your video on YouTube.

Putting It another way, the 24/7 Artlist YouTube Music Live Streams present constantly available, easily accessible, less committed and fun channels where creators can look for music for their videos.

Get unlimited royalty-free sound effects

Fun AND practical

And on top of all that, the channel can serve you in a very practical way.

For one, if you click on a song’s link in the chatbox, it will take you to the song page on Artlist where you can instantly download it

If you type !license or !use in the chat, you will learn more about the Artlist license.

Type !love, and you will add a ???? to the song that’s playing now.

Typing !track or !song will give you the name of the song/track that is playing, !next will show you what will play next, and !previous will give you the name of the previously played song, in case you missed it.

There are many different actions you can take on the live streams; check them out:


We hope these new channels for royalty-free music will help you find more great music for your videos faster and have while you’re at it. As always, stay creative!

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