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Artlist Mood of the Month: Hopeful Artlist Mood of the Month: Hopeful Artlist Mood of the Month: Hopeful Artlist Mood of the Month: Hopeful Artlist Mood of the Month: Hopeful


This month, Artlist highlights various hopeful moods that can be expressed musically in your content
You can express hopefulness through strong, epic tracks that play well in long pieces or historical-themed videos
You can also convey it through more upbeat, groovy or relaxing tracks that are carefree, fun and light

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Getting the right mood in your video through music is crucial to making your projects uniform. At Artlist, we’re introducing a series of monthly posts to highlight the different moods you can achieve through the music available on the site. In the spirit of the New Year and new beginnings, this month, we begin with Hopeful. As you will see, you can achieve a hopeful mood in different contexts and settings.


Song: Siberian Summer by Sunny Fruit

Siberian Summer by Sunny Fruit is a delicious, fun track to add to whatever video you have. Taken from the album Hopify, this funky track with hints of electronic jazz is perfect for any video at the beach, park or travel footage.




In the Billboard commercial above, the song serves as a perfect intro for an artist’s cover story. It shows that hope can also be light and easy, brimming with confidence.


Song: Pictures from the Past by Aleksey Chistillin

Aleksey Chistillin’s Pictures from the Past is a patient, rolling meditation that builds successfully. Its strings and orchestration have incredible restraint as the song unfolds. The track works best in longer format videos so that the full weight of the build can be appreciated.

In the Audi commercial above, the song tracks the speech and supports the unfolding of the narrative. It gives the ultimate cathartic conclusion and ends with power and climax.


Song: Over the Horizon by Aleksey Chistillin

If you’ve been planning a historical-themed shoot or epic travel video, Aleksey Chistillin’s Over the Horizon is a terrific pick. The song is a rush of excitement, elegiac tones and intense percussions that fit like a drumbeat toward victory.

As evidenced by the Google ad, the song also works perfectly to signal great social changes and history-defining moments. Whatever the occasion, the track exhibits the right amount of grandness and scale that any epic video would need.


Song: The City of Hope by Borrtex

The City of Hope by Borrtex is an example of ethereal electronic sounds that blend well with a hip rhythm. It has the feel of a futuristic city coming to life and can be used in a variety of contexts. It would go well in a sci-fi setting, desert road trip or in a commercial advertising state of the art technology.


In the McLaren commercial above, its sense of invention underscores the introduction of the new model. But you don’t have to be selling luxury vehicles! This song can make any new product seem like it’s in a league of its own.

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Song: Walking Around by Eldar Kedem

Walking Around by Eldar Kedem is finally a track with lyrics! Its carefree sound, uplifting words and dreamy guitar sound make it perfect for road trip videos, aerials, lifestyle montages and fashion commercials.

This short film featuring 7-time Trial world champion Pol Tarres shows how the song’s carefree energy will give any video a sense of freedom and excitement.


Song: Jell-O by Egozi

Jell-O by Egozi is a super-hip and groovy track reminiscent of the hits in the 1970s. You almost want to put on roller skates and wheel around under a disco ball! The track works in time-lapses, nightlife, fashion and sports and fitness videos. It works because it makes an ordinary setting feel like there’s a party happening all around it. Given the lack of party in the past 2 years, that’s certainly not bad to have in your videos.


And if you’re creating a video with Will Smith, like the brilliant Keren X Chang, a funky party is definitely the way to go.


Song: Lakeview by Sarah Angel

Lakeview by Sarah Angel is a very soulful track reminiscent of peak Lauryn Hill. You’re bound to nod your head to its tender lyrics. It’s the quintessential chillout song after a long day and works perfectly whether you plan on placing it in a yoga workout video, a commercial showcasing friends or a date night between 2 lovers. The song works through the quiet confidence it exudes and the easygoing rhythm it inhabits.

As it happens, this Daily Stretch video with more than 43 million views got plenty of people to Shazam the song, resulting in a boost in Spotify listens (more than 601k) and YouTube views (more than 46k). This is what we call the “Artlist effect,” and you can read more about it in the recent interview we did with her.

sarah angel spotify listens


Song: Born Again by Michael Shynes

Born Again by Michael Shynes is exactly what this year could use. As mentioned in the Michael Shynes interview, this song was created by a passionate artist brimming with positivity. Part country music, part Coldplay, its pop flavor and pounding beat give it the sense of uplifting hopefulness. The song would be a terrific fit for testimonials, weddings, slow-motion, time-lapses, and road trips.

The song’s lyrics are optimistic and rallying as if it were a banner for the New Year and perfect for showing many cubers collaborating to solve a Rubik’s cube.

Wrap up

Having a hopeful mood can come in many ways. As a creator, you can musically express it through a more grandiose production, a carefree and groovy indie sound or keep it light and relaxing.

And remember: if you need any help looking for the perfect song for your video, you can also use the “Exclude” feature in the search window. It will allow you to filter out unwanted moods to narrow your searches and make your search more accurate. Whichever route you decide to go, Artlist has you covered with songs from musicians who paint with an array of colors and palettes. And until next time, stay creative!

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