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Whether you’re a beginner, a bit experienced, or a lot experienced, there is always something new to learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing football or making videos, skills can be developed, techniques can be refined, and new ideas can be tested. It’s all part of the fun of doing something. That’s why we’ve launched the Artlist Academy. We’ve brought together some of the best filmmakers, editors, sound artists and social media stars to share their knowledge, skill and passion with you. 

The Artlist Academy is a resource for learning content creation containing video lessons created by the very best in the industry pitched at just your level, whether you’ve never opened an editing software or know your way around one of the leading NLEs.

If you’re just dipping your toes into video creation, you will find courses that will help you to start making awesome content. For anyone already on the filmmaking and content creation ladder, you will find courses showing you how to raise your filmmaking skills and grow your business. After all, you want people to be watching and enjoying the beautiful content that you are so lovingly crafting.

And for a limited time, they are all free!

artlist academy

Get your free filmmaking courses

Every course starts with an introduction to your subject, continues working through its fundamental principles, and shows you how to creatively integrate these concepts into your projects.

For example, this is the structure of the Lighting 101 course:

  • Explore the differences between natural and artificial light
  • Learn what is hard and soft light
  • Looks at how to work with white balance
  • How to work within your budget
  • How to set up a 3-point lighting setup
  • Some creative lighting ideas.

And don’t worry, each video has its contents laid out so that it’s easy for you to navigate to a particular section if you need to recap it.

From editing tutorials to business tips

 To make it easy for you to navigate. Artlist Academy’s courses belong to 4 categories: Getting Started, Production, Post-Production and Become an Influencer. So wherever you think you might want to develop your skills, you can find a video to support your growth.

Getting Started

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest step, so you’ll find a section on just that, whether you need inspiration or help with scriptwriting. 


Here you’ll find videos taking you through production so that you can make the most of your shooting time and get as much right the first time, be it audio, lights or cinematography.


In the Post-Production category, you can learn how to color grade your footage for a professional finish. In addition, there are courses to take you deeper into the visual effects process with introductions to animation and compositing.

Become an Influencer

This category is for helping you get your fabulous content in front of as many eyeballs as possible. So there are Artlist Academy courses showing you how to make money as a content creator and helping you to send your videos viral.

artlist academy

Meet our instructors

We’ve brought together a team of diverse, dedicated and supremely talented instructors to give you the very best learning experience. You might know some of the instructors from YouTube or TikTok, while others make their work available on Instagram or work as filmmakers creatively and commercially.

Aidin Robbins






Aidin Robbins aims to bring together beautiful landscapes with profound storytelling. His filmmaking skills have seen him collaborate with brands such as Panasonic and Beautiful Destinations.

Alex Halford

alex halford






Alex Halford is here to bring your VEGAS Pro Premiere Pro knowledge to pro levels. There’s no need to fear the editing suite.

Anthony LiPani

anthony lipani






Anthony LiPani runs a media company specializing in independent films, commercials, music videos, and wedding videography. His knowledge will help you to engage with social media and bring your content to as many people as possible.

Austen Paul

austen paul






Austen Paul has worked with brands all over the world to produce product and commercial content. You will learn how to unleash your creative side with polish and flair.

Danny McGee

danny mcgee






Danny McGee has a client list that includes DJI, Google, GoPro, Marriott Hotels, Red Bull and United Airlines. He specializes in visual storytelling and encourages people to explore and share their unique perspective of the world.

Helena Gudkova

helena gudkova






Helena Gudkova is probably better known as CameraGirlHelena, and is famed for her music videos and commercial production. 

Jordan Steckar

jprdan steckar






Jordan Steckar comes from an engineering background, which brings a different, industrial and technical knowledge to his filmmaking.

Nikhil Pandey






Nikhil Pandey is a filmmaker and YouTuber. His YouTube channel, with its mixture of comedy and life-affirming content, has over 500,000 subscribers.

Sam Holland

sam holland






Sam Holland started as a touring musician before transitioning to filming and editing music videos. His aim when teaching is to help others grow their own businesses.

With these instructors, you’re in safe hands and will learn how to make the most of your creativity and grow your audiences.

Expand your skills; learn something new with the Artlist Academy 

Whatever your level, there’s something for everyone within the Artlist Academy. Learn tried-and-tested methods for online success from people who’ve been there and done that, and start monetizing your content with the knowledge of those who do it already. Be sure to sign up now, while it’s free, and make the most of it.

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