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The #spedupsounds trend on TikTok has amassed over 15 billion views as users race to create high-speed versions of their favorite tracks. While trends on social media often don’t last long, the sped up music trend is here to stay. Not only can it help add pace, excitement, and even comedy to your content, it can turn any track into a banging summer tune that makes you want to move.

Many artists are now releasing their music at high speed, giving TikTok creators a wide range of styles and genres. Whether you’re creating a highlights reel, stories video, or even just a fun update, our top 10 sped-up tracks can add a unique and creative atmosphere to your content.

Buss It – Yarin Primak

Based in Tel Aviv, Yarin Primak is an electronic music producer that has amassed a massive collection of tracks on Artlist, specializing in funky melodies, fast beats, and an overall relaxed sound.

Yarin’s original Buss It is already super fast, and the sped up version creates an almost comedic take on this percussion-filled track. The repetitive lyrics tell the listeners to just Buss It gets faster as the song progresses, with synthy glitches and pitch change effects.

Download Buss It

Are You Ready For Me Baby – Funky Giraffe

Funky Giraffe is an Israel-based multi-talented creative who is a music producer, teacher, sound engineer, and music business entrepreneur all in one. Throughout his career, he’s collaborated with many musicians resulting in 2 incredible albums.

Are You Ready For Me Baby is a laid-back, groovy sound with a party vibe. The sped up version creates a compelling sound with vocal keys, synth, and digital glitches – ideal for fashion, adventure, and travel content.

Download Are You Ready For Me Baby

Coqueta – Litos

Litos is an accomplished Mexican/Canadian musician who, since his first single in 2016, has toured Europe with his music. Mixing Hip Hop and Reggaeton, Litos unique style is evident through his small but impressive Artlist collection.

Coqueta (in slang translated as Boy-crazy girl) is a playful and happy track filled with percussion, synth, and bass. The Latin-pop sound is ideal for hot summers and beach parties, while the 125 BPM makes it a fantastic option for the #spedupmusic trend.

Download Coqueta

I’ve Been Thinking – Dimitrix feat. Lulabi

Dimitrix is a versatile and talented music producer with experience in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Electronic music styles. Along with a wealth of knowledge in various music genres, Dimitrix maintains additive creativity in all of his work.

Collaborating with Lulabi on vocals, I’ve Been Thinking is an upbeat and playful track at an impressive 164BPM. Jam-packed with hard beats, bass, and synth, the track creates an energetic urgency ideal for any sped up content.

Download I’ve Been Thinking

OMW – Jane and the Boy

Jane & The Boy is an incredible indie-pop duo who work remotely between the United Kingdom and the US. With stunning pop vocals, the singer/songwriter’s sound makes Jane and the Boy the superior sound of summer.

OMW is a fantastic, groovy track ideal for your party playlists. The sped up version gives the song a completely different feel, as the vocal pitch changes and speed effects give the music more of a house/trance style.

Download OMW

Make it Break it – Ofrin

Creating cinematic pop melodies and powerful beats, Ofrin brings together Eastern and Western music influences. Well known for her ethereal and other-worldly sound Ofrin has over 40 tracks available, ideal for the sped up music trend.

Ofrin’s music tends to be fast-paced and energetic, and the sped up version of Make it Break it is at double speed. The pitch effects on the vocals add a fun, cartoon style to the track, while the strong percussion and bass create a banging house tune.

Download Make It Break it

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Ding Ding – Flint

Ofri Flint is a guitarist and music producer who creates expressive melodies and energetic songs. Mixing electronic, funk, and hip-hop, Flint has become well-known for his crisp textures and hard beats.

Ding Dong is that perfect ‘entering the club’ track, with heavy bass and electronic drums. Loaded with synths, percussion, claps, and snaps, the high-speed electronic/hip-hop track uses digital glitches on the vocals, creating an energetic and creative composition.

Download Ding Dong

Hot for a Min – Captain Qubz

Captain Qubz is a Los Angeles-based musical duo specializing in music for videos, commercials, and social media. The talented pair have worked with musicians worldwide, taking inspiration from different cultures and genres.

Hot for a Min is an energetic and bold track, ideal for video games, highlight reels, and any content you want to tag with #spedupmusic. The electric guitar and bass create a rock-style piece with a synthy electro twist.

Download Hot for a Min

Sunnydance – Out Of Flux

Specializing in Lofi and chill beats, Out Of Flux is a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist with a massive 15 albums on Artlist. Filled with organic percussion and trendy chord progressions, Out of Flux creates contemporary cinematic scores.

Sunnydance is a groovy track that will make your audience want to dance, whether you’re using the original or the sped up version. Filled with brass, percussion, and snaps and claps, Out Of FLux has perfectly captured a hot summer night party vibe.

Download Sunnydance

Sugarsweet – Zach Sorgen

Based in the US, Zach Sorgen is an eclectic music producer working in a wide range of music styles and genres. Classically trained in Jazz and Piano, Zach’s compositions have been heard worldwide and amassed over 100 million streams.

From the album Baby Steps, Sugarsweet is a beautiful and passionate track filled with keys, pads, and electronic drums. The sped up version offers fun synth voice effects, changing the original pop score into a cool club classic.

Download Sugarsweet

The sped up music trend has shown creators new ways of using the assets available to them in their content creation. Sped up music can make a faster beat, pacier edit, or even highlight comedy in your content. If you’re looking for more superb and speedy tracks, why not check out the entire collection at Artlist? Remember to share your videos with us to see the inventive and creative ways you use Artlist assets.

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