5 Tips for Using Small Lights on a Set


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There is a cliché saying that for filmmakers there is never enough light. It’s true that more light is almost always useful – like to make your videos more cinematic –  but sometimes, small lights can do things for you that big guns can’t.

Here are five exciting filmmaking tips and tricks with small lights that you can add to your toolbox.

We are going to use Lumiee LED bracelets for this article, but most other small lights will work as well.

Small Spaces

Imagine shooting in a tight place, like an elevator, or a car. Using a big light can be awkward and take too much space. That is the perfect scenario for a smaller source. Being powerful on one hand and remaining hidden on the other, small lights are the best tools for this kind of job.

 For an Interview

When you have the time, the three-point lighting setup is king. However, sometimes you’re in a run-and-gun situation. You still want light but can’t set up for a long time. Attaching a bi-color Lumiee to a mattebox with the built-in magnets is a fast and effective solution.

Accent Light

Give your frame a more interesting look using just a tiny splash of color. Creating a colored accent light can turn the frame from a banal place to a vivid and unique spot. (Vloggers, we know you are going to love this!)

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Create Atmospheric Light

Many small sources have built-in effects, like police, fireworks, camera strobes and more. Setting a scene’s mood becomes easy with one or two small lights placed in strategic locations.

Create Special Effects

Lumiee LED light wraps into a circle, sending glow in all directions. You can place the bracelet inside a lantern and turn on the fire or candle effect. This “fire” is 100% safe and can last for up to four hours.

I hope that these setups will inspire you with your workflow and help you stay creative.

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