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2021 Artlist recap



Artlist and Artgrid subscribers can see personalized end-of-the-year collections of music and footage based on their 2021 activity
In 2021 we added editing software HitFilm to our product arsenal, launched a plan tailor-made for social creators and added great new features to our platforms
Watch a showreel made of 2021 videos from content creators worldwide featuring Artlist music

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Thankfully, 2021 (or year 2 in the Covidian calendar) was a lot less dramatic than its predecessor. While 2020 was a rollercoaster ride where something earth-shattering and unexpected happened almost every day, 2021 gave us more room to breathe between events. After all, that level of drama was unsustainable. And if the most surprising thing that happened this year was that a Korean show about children’s games became the most popular series on Earth, then it’s evident that this was a fairly unsensational year. At Artlist and Artgrid, though, the continued search for innovation and improvement meant that 2021 was as exciting as it gets.

Personalized end-of-the-year collections

Since we don’t want to send you to next year just like that, our subscribers can find a personalized 2021 wrap-up in music and footage waiting for you on Artlist and Artgrid.

If you’re an Artlist subscriber, sign in to your account, go to the AI-powered For you page and get a personalized 2022 collection based on your activity this year.

If you’re an Artgrid user, once you sign in, your 2022 story will be waiting for you on the Collections page.

Best of 2021 Collections

Plus, there are 2021 musical and footage collections available to EVERYONE.

On Artlist, go to the Spotlight section, and you will find a Best of 2021 collection with the greatest songs of 2021 and 7 thematic collections: Best of VlogBest of CommercialBest of Hip HopBest of ElectronicBest of PowerfulBest of Uplifting and Best of Cinematic.

To see the greatest footage of 2021 fn Artgrid, just click on Collections on the home page.

What we were up to in 2021

2020 was a breakthrough year in many ways for Artlist. Releasing an SFX collection and purchasing creative asset marketplace Motion Array signaled the beginning of our company’s shift into becoming an all-in-one solution for creators, and we weren’t about to stop in 2021.

We added a video editing program

artlist and fxhome

The most significant move we did this year was definitely our venture into software development and the acquisition of FXhome, which operates video editing & VFX software HitFilm, as well as imaging editing software Imerge Pro and CamTrackAR, the world’s first mobile virtual production studio for iOS.

This move positioned Artlist as one of the few companies in the industry that offer a 360° video creation solution that includes both editing tools and assets.

We launched a Social Creator plan for social creators

personal plan

The 2nd biggest move of 2021 was probably the launch of the Social Creator plan. With the constant rise of the creator economy, we looked for a solution that would cater to many types of creators. So we developed a tailor-made plan for social media creators that covers your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch, as well as on podcasts. We also added a Monthly payment option in the Social Creator plan for those taking their 1st steps in content creation.

If you’re wondering which Artlist plan suits you best, check this article comparing the Social Creator and the Creator Pro plan.

personal vs unlimited plan

We harnessed the power of AI

After conducting extensive research, we came to the conclusion that AI is not only a buzzword but a powerful tool that can help our users find the perfect songs for their videos faster and more accurately. So we developed the For You feature, which is the space where you get music recommendations based on your download activity for artists you might not be familiar with. We launched this feature so you can enrich your video music selections and while preserving your style.


We added new features to Artlist

  • The long-awaited Direct Download feature was launched this year, allowing users to download songs directly from the song list.

direct download

Get unlimited music
for your videos

And to Artgrid

We challenged you to be creative

edit channel

We launched 2 major competitions in 2021:

  • The SFX Challenge: We asked you to create the best-sounding videos you can using Artlist sound effects. Check out the winners here.
  • The Edit Challenge: This was the 2nd year that we held this competition, doubling the prize money to give away 75K$ worth of filmmaking gear. All you had to do was create either a fictional ad, movie trailer or music video using Artgrid footage and Artlist music. Check out the winning videos here:

We held our biggest giveaway ever

Back in June, we held our biggest giveaway ever, which included 5 packs of creative assets – motion design pack, Overlays pack, SFX pack VFX pack and LUTs pack. All in all, we gave away more than 250 assets to all Artlist and Artgrid subscribers.

End of the year showreel

To finish off this year in style, we’ve asked some of our favorite creators to send us videos they made during 2021 using Artlist music, and we’ve edited them into one epic showreel that celebrates content creators worldwide. Watch it below.

Here is the full list of creators whose videos appear in the showreel: Sebastian JernOf Two LandsJoey PalmroosSam Newton, Austen PaulCamera Girl HelenaPhantom GravityDmitry VolnyDaniel DeArcoSebpicCache BunnyGena.RazbegaevbrothersideHugo BouéAlan Castelanpeteyboytv & fabreezyThomas BernardinnircnZono.sannLevi StuteMaison CarnothedshotsSjoerd WessDiscs NapatDan IlashBenn TK and Niklas Christl.

The video also features some of the winning videos from this year’s Edit Challenge.

Happy new year and see you on the other side. As always, stay creative!

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