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Born in Italy in 2020, Oneye is a musical trio made up of some of the most renowned musicians of the Apulian Jazz scene - Gianlivio Liberti, Adolfo La Volpe and Davide Penta.

With a rich background in Drums and Jazz, Gianlivio Liberti has won numerous competitions, collaborated with many leading musicians in his field and performed both locally and internationally. He now teaches Jazz Drums at multiple music facilities.

Adolfo La Volpe is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and sound artist specializing in Jazz. On top of performing in Italy and abroad, he composes music for contemporary dance, theater and cinema. A member of numerous ensembles, he creates diverse music ranging among Jazz, Rock, World and radical improvisation.

Specializing in Bass, Davide Penta has collaborated with many musicians from the local area, played with Jazz orchestras and composed, performed and arranged his own music. Playing a Fender Jazz Bass as well as a Godin Electro-Acoustic Bass, he has amassed much experience in the Jazz field throughout his career and currently teaches at the Orchestra Music School in Bari.

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