How to partner with brands and make money through sponsored content


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About this course

So, you already know how to create great content. Now it’s time to harness your skills and start partnering with brands. This webinar, in collaboration with Meta, covers everything you need to know about creating UGC (short for user-generated content, aka sponsored content). Learn from experts at Meta and Artlist about how you can create influential, out-of-the-box sponsored content that will help businesses profit and get brands wanting to work with you.

What you’ll learn

  • What is UGC (user-generated content)
  • How to start working with brands
  • Making money through sponsored content
  • How to create impactful user-generated content for brands
  • Ideas and tips for optimizing your Reels 
  • How you can use Artlist’s creative tools to create better content

Course instructors

A team of in-house filmmakers, video editors and content creators from across the globe.

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A cross-team mix of creative strategists and product marketing managers.

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Award-winning creative director with over 500 million views.

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