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Who is it for?

  • Musicians
  • Producers
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  • Record Labels

Why we think Artlist is great for you...

We believe that when artists succeed, we all succeed. That’s why we pay our artists well for the incredible and inspiring work they do. Today the film and music industries are closer than they have ever been. By simplifying the way the two are brought together and streamlining the overall creative process as it works in today’s world, Artlist is providing opportunities to both musicians and filmmakers that takes their work farther.

Keep doing your thing!

We love the music on Artlist and we want the musicians that create it to be free to go wherever their imagination takes them.

That is why we do not ask for any exclusivity.

So when you put your music on Artlist you can keep on doing your own thing. Artlist is just one more great opportunity to expand your reach!

Dan Chung - News Shooter

“Enter Artlist, a new resource that aims to change the way you license music for your projects”

Ogy Stoilov - 4K Shooters

“Artlist has the potential to revolutionise the way filmmakers license music for their content”

Things to check before we start

  • You have full rights for the music
  • None of the songs are a cover of another artist's material
  • The music is clear for use in any web platform, including YouTube monetization.

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